December 2023
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Peace-loving Iran pledges to cleanse the world of the filth of the US and Israel

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We’re constantly being told by our rulers that Iran is a peace-loving country, that Iran is no threat to anyone and that Trump was an idiot to withdraw from Saint Obama’s wonderful nuclear weapons deal with Iran. And of course, our mainstream media parrot the same line as they adore any chance to criticise Trump.

In fact, as the Trump administration is imposing new sanctions on Iran, EU leaders are busy setting up new commercial structures that will allow European companies to circumvent those sanctions to continue trading with friendly, peace-loving Iran.

But may be there’s another side to the story our rulers and media choose not to report – what Iranian leaders themselves are planning.

So, here are just over 2 minutes of a speech given by the Deputy Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards explaining to a group of his officers exactly what Shia Iran’s real intentions are – to destroy Sunni Saudi Arabia, killing everybody who lives there, and then to lead a global Jihad “to cleanse the world of the filth of the US and Israel”.

Hmmm. Who should we believe? Our rulers who assure us that Iran would never ever cheat on its commitments not to build nukes and then use them or Iran’s leaders who publicly announce their intention to build their nukes and most definitely use them?

I’ll leave you to decide which side of the story you believe.

(Personally, if I was an Israeli leader, I’d class this speech as a formal declaration of war and nuke Iran back to the Stone Age ASAP. After all, to get back to the Stone Age culturally and developmentally, Iran hasn’t got that far to go)

2 comments to Peace-loving Iran pledges to cleanse the world of the filth of the US and Israel

  • John G Fields

    Please Mr Craig, do not mention the word “nuke”. To me that is the elimination of millions of people who have no say in the way their country acts. If we get too familiar with talking about the use of nuclear weapons it brings Armageddon one-step nearer.

  • william boreham

    Anni Cyrus, an Iranian refugee into the USA, gives a fascinating lecture on the evils of Islam as it affected her early life in Iran You wouldn’t see her appearing in any BBC religious programme

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