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We are where we are – “time to stop the foreplay and shove it in”

(Friday blog)

With all the heat and noise being generated over Treacherous Theresa’s Brexit supposed ‘deal’, I could hardly expect to add anything to the fury, anger, ignorance and chaos.

There seem to be a few incontrovertible facts:

  • we got totally screwed by the EU because we had worthless, UK-hating, Europhiliac, Remoaner bureaucrats pretending to negotiate while actually surrendering at every opportunity
  • our two so-called “Brexit secretaries” – David Davis and Dominic Raab – were hardly involved at all in the process – instead they were just front-men while the bureaucrats cobbled together our capitulation
  • human slime like Blair, Clegg and others kept encouraging Brussels to face down the British demands in order to force us into this humiliating capitulation or even to remain shackled to the EU
  • the EU has done everything it can to cripple us economically to ensure that Brexit is a failure so that other countries won’t be tempted to follow us out of the EU
  • having humiliated us and won so much, the EU sees no need to make any compromises now and Germany in particular is relishing its victory over us and its ability to humiliate us

One could go on, but I imagine most readers understand our situation much better than I.

The key issue now is how best to move forward. In business or economics there’s the idea of ‘sunk costs’ – that you shouldn’t let costs that have been incurred in the past influence future decision-making.

When making business decisions, organizations should only consider relevant costs, which include the future costs and revenue of one choice compared with another. To make an informed decision, a business only considers the costs and revenue that will change as a result of the decision; sunk costs do not change because they have already been incurred and cannot be recouped so should not be considered:

With the Brexit situation, there’s no point bleating about sunk costs – what happened in the past:

  • May’s disastrous general election decision losing her parliamentary majority
  • how Berlin’s stooge, Martin Selmayr, has out-negotiated the civil-service scum that were supposed to represent Britain’s interests
  • how the Tory Government has wasted the last two years fighting among itself rather than working together to try to get a decent deal for Britain

But we are where we are and nothing can change that.

So, looking forward, we should be considering only what costs and benefits can be achieved by different options taking our current position as a starting point – getting rid of May; parliament voting down May’s deal; leaving on World Trade Organisation terms; trying to renegotiate with the EU under a new Tory leader etc.

The ideal situation would be for the Tories to dump May, put in an interim Brexiteer leader without a leadership battle, go back to Brussels, explain May’s ‘deal’ is unacceptable and get something better.

But is that going to happen? Given two years of Britain being betrayed by the elitist Remainer ruling classes, is Brussels going to give any concessions now? I doubt it. Why would a victor give concessions to a loser?

Therefore, personally I believe we should swallow May’s capitulation, leave the EU next March and make the best of an extremely bad job. What could have been achieved has not been achieved because we have been betrayed by our own ruling elites. Britain has been in worse position in the past and has always succeeded due to the innovative culture and energy of its citizens. The past is a sunk cost and should not influence future decision-making.

I think we have to accept that we’re in a dreadful situation and just get on with it. Or, as a lovely blond young lady once said to me many (too many?) years ago “Forget the foreplay, shove it in!”

I suspect most readers will see this as defeatist and will disagree with me.

13 comments to We are where we are – “time to stop the foreplay and shove it in”

  • tomsk

    I think we should just walk away. Tell em where to shove it. Send Drunckers May and co have rolled over and let the EU tickle their tummies. All part of the plan from day one with a remoaner in charge. Brexit never meant Brexit, it meant faff on and get a bad deal meanwhile get the gravy trainers and media to constantly call for a peoples vote, namely a losers vote. Brits are too thick nowadays, the schools and universities have succeeded in dumbing us down helped by the gogglebox. The old guard stands firm tho.

  • loppoman

    I said to myself after the referendum vote – the government and establishment were not prepared for and were shocked at the result. It was then that there was every chance Brexit would not happen.
    The 2 years since then were used to purposely create a deceitful lousy deal knowing that it would not be accepted.
    The next stage will a vote to accept the deal or remain. There will be no option for no deal. And so we will remain.
    Our “democracy” at work.

  • William Boreham

    I assume May’s surrender deal will never pass through Commons, so what happens then? A General Election with the choice between May and Corbyn is a terrifying prospect. May MUST go and presupposing the new Tory leader is a patriot, we can support him if he either calls an election or has the confidence to declare a no-deal exit.
    There are plenty of powerful organisations on the Continent that are dreading the thought of their own EU disrupting trade with the UK as we are many Continental firms best customer. For instance, we are Mercedes best customer Europeanwise. And all in all, as we import more from them than we export to them, the ball should be in our court.

  • Stillreading

    Traitor May, in our name, has capitulated to the bullies and the consequence will be that we shall be bullied into perpetuity. Bullied, having shown our weakness, far more relentlessly than we’ve yet been bullied. Barnier, The Drunk, Merkel, Macron must be beside themselves with glee. What ever happened to our national price, our confidence in ourselves as a nation to confront and surmount aggression? Based on my own experience of friends and family, I’d guess, based on opinions of my family members and friends, that the majority of Brexiteers are aged 50 plus. I feel sorry for the younger of those; it is they who will have to live with being subservient to the German Fourth Reich into the future. We oldies shall mainly have departed this life by the time the worst happens. But by then Britain will no longer anyway be the “jewel set in a silver sea” which many of us remember – proud of our nation, our achievements, hopeful for our future. It’s all being thrown away in the interests of those dual evils, “Europe” as a concept and multiculturalism. Disasters both.

  • Stillreading

    Sorry – errors and repeats in the above post….. National “pride” of course, not price – although I suppose we did once have a price below which we would not as a nation have sold ourselves. May should have delivered a good Maggie style handbagging reinforced by replays of “No! No! No!” to Merkel et al but she lacked the confidence or the will. In fact it was evident after the disaster of the post-Brexit Election that May lacks the judgement and independence of thought and action essential for a Prime Minister. To have thrown away her Party’s majority on the advice of a couple of “advisors” whose faces I at least have never seen and whose names meant nothing to the electorate showed her weakness and nothing she’s done since has demonstrated otherwise. Words are easy; it’s actions that count. When the alternative – Corbyn – enters the equation, the predicament of our once-proud nation is sorry indeed.

  • loppoman

    The no deal scenario is painted as a total disaster, the same disaster that awaited us when the year changed to 2000!

  • A Thorpe

    Finally Churchill has been proven wrong. 1940 was not our Darkest Hour, it is 2018. Or perhaps it was 1973 when Heath took us into the EEC. His effergy should have been on the bonfires, not May’s. German has achieved its objective of total control of Europe and including the UK. When Charles comes to the throne he will be known as the Kaiser, and then after him we will be back to Kaiser Bill.

    Shove it in? We were shafted by Cameron and almost the entire political establishment at the time of the EU Referendum. They all thought they were in touch with the views of the electorate but they were made to look like the fools they are, and they do not like that. Ever since they have told us they respect the decision to leave. Utter lies. They have done everything possible to reverse the decision including turning the negotiations into a farce. Democracy is dead in Europe. Germany Rules. Hail the Fourth Reich. Just to show the power they have in the UK the Court of the EU has ruled that we cannot operate the capacity market which increases the risk of power cuts during our winters. I hope we have a huge failure this coming winter and the idiots who support the EU will then feel the impact of the dreadful EU first hand.

    The remain supporters do not even have a serious challenge the greater stupidity of another referendum. It will take months to organise anyway, but what will the question be? The Labour Party wants three questions – remain, May’s deal, or no deal. This splits the leave voters into two and so is guaranteed to give the result of remain. There is no point in wasting money on it, but why does no leave politician or media commentators point out this fundamental flaw. There is also another problem because it is quite obvious that Germany will not allow us to be members of the EU on our current basis. Firstly, we will be forced to join the Euro, give up our rebate and pay significantly more in contributions to help Germany out. We also be the laughing stock of Europe and our views will be ignored. Why doesn’t anybody discuss this?

  • Stillreading

    “There is also another problem because it is quite obvious that Germany will not allow us to be members of the EU on our current basis. Firstly, we will be forced to join the Euro, give up our rebate and pay significantly more in contributions to help Germany out. We also be the laughing stock of Europe and our views will be ignored. Why doesn’t anybody discuss this?” Exactly! They will bully us and grind us into the dirt. No deal would have been infinitely better in the long term. Yes; short term things would have been a bit hard while the millions in the UK (mainly self-indulgent younger people) who have never known what real work is, suffered a bit of well overdue privation, then we’d have got ourselves together, as we have repeatedly in history, and things would have started to look up. (Or perhaps not. Perhaps we now have so many alien influences at work, due to “multiculturalism”, that we’ve passed the point of no return. The fact is that in future shall have increasingly to crawl, begging, to the EU in order to make the slightest changes in our laws or society on anything which really matters. Joyous prospect! Just wait until Merkel decides to offload hundreds of thousands of third-world immigrants on us.)

  • John Fields

    After two and half wasted years we are shafted.
    I can only think of revenge. I hate Corbyn and McDonnell,
    the terrorist lovers leadership of the Labour Party, but they will get my vote. If it will bring to an end this lying treacherous woman and her chicken hearted M.P.s then that will give me a modicum of satisfaction.

  • Judd

    As John Fields, i have never voted Labour but neither have i voted for either of the three identikit parties for over 30 years, but if the fake tory party betrays us in March then i too shall be voting for the marxist rabble.

    Being an average bloke whichever of the two teams have resided in numbers 10 and 11 over the decades hasn’t made a great deal of difference to me or mine, being proud working class (the genuine working class don’t do benefits) usually sees you working your socks off till the end and for your diligence usually receiving a good kick in the bollocks once you do retire and find your paltry pension has been rifled by some toryite low life…corbyn and his mob can’t do any more damage than this fake tory party has managed.

    It’s the tories and their backers that are really afraid of a labour govt, so be it tories, either do the right thing, find your honour and deliver Brexit or suffer the consequences, which for you lot will be wallet emptying.

  • Paul B

    I am always rather mystified by the following reasoning : complain bitterly (and rightly) about the actions of the not-so-conservative party on subjects such as Brexit, climate change rip-offs, islamisation, and thought crime, and then state that therefore the intention is to vote for the not-so-labour party to teach them a lesson.

    In UKIP we have an alternative that addresses all the above points and more, in a manner which might not be perfect, but is surely much more satisfactory than the other wreckers. Its certainly having trouble getting any publicity, being stonewalled by the msm, but this can’t be the only reason for its lack of progress.

    Are they just another shower ? Maybe, maybe not, but how can they be any worse ? At least they are starting from better principles. Yet they’re still getting nowhere. I must be missing something.

  • Billy Bloggs

    Don’t agree. Definitely think we should leave on WTO terms. Slightly off topic – you must watch this extremely funny video. Basically it’s a p**s take of Hitler in his war room discussing Brexit.

  • Andy

    Just get out and don’t send them a penny that we haven’t already committed to. Life will go on, the sky won’t fall in. Maybe some short term pain, but hopefully some of the parasites that we’re hosting might clear off.

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