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Hey universities – time to sack some useless professors?

(Sunday/Monday blog)

At the moment I’m wasting many hours in what is turning out to be a totally pointless activity. I’m emailing professors and teachers in university education departments to tell them about my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON and to suggest that my book could be recommended reading for students studying education.

The reaction has been incredible. Following over 200 emails I sent personally to academics at around 20 universities, just one copy of my book has been sold. Yup, 99.5% of those academics I contacted showed absolutely no interest and no curiosity. They didn’t want to know about my book, they didn’t want to read my book and they certainly didn’t want to recommend my book to their students:

But, while collecting the names and email addresses of professors and other worthies teaching education at our universities, I started to wonder about several things. In particular, I wondered why there were so many of the buggers. After all, British schools are widely recognised as failing. So, what are we paying all these genius professors of education for?

Every three years there’s an international study of school standards – the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey. In reading, the UK fell from 7th in the rankings in 2003 to 17th in 2006 to 22nd by the latest survey in 2015. Maths was even worse – from 8th in 2003 to 24th by 2006 to 27th by 2015. And the UK’s ranking in science wan’t too chirpy either – from an impressive 4th in 2003 to 14th by 2006 to 15th by 2015.

So, what exactly are all our professors of education doing for us and for their big salaries, easy lives and generous pensions?

Let’s just take Nottingham University Education Department as an example. There are plenty more university education departments with a similar profile to Nottingham.

How many professors of education do you think there are at Nottingham University Education Department? Ten? Maybe even twenty? Or could there possibly be as many as thirty of these august, highly-qualified, impressively-titled, well-paid individuals? I know thirty professors seems a lot. But perhaps it’s possible that Nottingham University Education Department thinks it needs as many as thirty professors?

Actually, there are no fewer than 72 professors just in the Education Department at Nottingham University. Seventy two!

But Nottingham University Education Department apparently can’t deliver its amazing high-quality education with a mere 72 professors. In addition to its 72 professors, Nottingham University Education Department employs a further 30 teaching staff. In fact, I wonder how many people working for glorious Nottingham University – from car park attendants to toilet cleaners – who isn’t a professor?

Of course, a pig-ignorant pleb like me doesn’t know much about how a university education department runs. But having worked in around 100 organisations in fifteen countries, I can recognise massive over-staffing when it hits me in the face. FFS – how can the Nottingham University Education Department possibly need 72 professors?

Given how badly our schools are performing as they churn out thousands of school-leavers who cannot even read, write and do simple arithmetic after twelve years of classroom ‘learning’, why don’t university education departments sack half their proliferation of professors and send them off into schools to do some real work? After all, if these professors are so f**k**g brilliant at education, surely they would do more good for our country’s failing education system by getting in front of a class of unruly, learning-allergic, undisciplined, social-media-obsessed children instead of hiding away in the safety of universities like Nottingham?

So, come on university education departments. Do something useful. Fire half your teeming crowds of puffed-up, self-important, overpaid, over-pensioned, under-performing professors and let’s see them earning their living for a change!

Though, they might get a shock if they ever had to enter the real world of education!

9 comments to Hey universities – time to sack some useless professors?

  • Alan Thorpe

    To be fair some are associate professors and some assistant professors. All a mystery to me when we had one professor who was also Head of Department in the 60’s. Associate professors are now apparently the same as Readers. We had one of those. I have no idea what an assistant professor does, even Wikipedia hasn’t caught up with that. A quick check on other departments shows it to be just the same. All these experts and huge numbers going to university and still we have a shortage of experts. It must be because the graduates prefer to work in coffee shops.

  • David Craig

    I don’t understand why you think I’m being unfair. Nottingham University Education Department has 15 professors, 20 associate professors, 34 assistant professors and 3 emeritus professors. If they all have “Professor” in their titles then they are “Professors” and are paid as “Professors”.

    My point still stands – as our schools get ever worse, we seem to have ever more experts with big salaries and big pensions.

    And anyway, WTF does a dump like Nottingham University Education Department need 72 professors?????????????

  • William Boreham

    Might be worth writing a book on the coming AI robot revolution that will displace millions of workers in all sorts of different professions, some very unanticipated and originally thought not possible. Terminator become reality! I was intrigued to see, forget where it was now, Nevada? Japan? anyway, in some brothel, they had got rid of the human hookers and were now exclusively using robot sex-dolls and doing a roaring trade!

  • David Craig

    No more books from me, you’ll be glad to hear. I wasted enough time and effort on THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON.

  • Brian Rodney

    One thing that can be said in favour of the 350 Monnet professors implanted into UK universities by the European Union, and lecture on European Integration , is that the EU pays their salaries.

  • tom petty

    Forced Multiculturalism is just another form of Genocide.

    The Coup of the UK by the Banksters.

    Watch: The Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire Revealed.

  • Agent Orange

    Student here asking where the mot Multicultural Universities are in Britain.

    Just look for the cities with the highest crime rate, London, Bristol,Birmingham etc.

    US History Of Chemical Weapons Use & Complicity In War Crimes.

    How America Armed Terrorists in Syria.

  • AgentOrange

    Children still being born in South East Asia with birth defects thanks to American chemical weapons used against the population in Vietnam.Tell that to US puppet talking head, Nikki Haley..

    Why aren’t students demanding answers to these atrocities, oh yes too busy reading the BBC and looking down their underwear trying to work out which of the new 57 genders they are.

  • Stillreading

    Quite a bit on today’s BBC Breakfast about the high rate of mental illness and suicide amongst the UK’s undergraduate population. There’s little doubt that something is seriously wrong with many of today’s young people. They are not to blame. They haven’t been in the world long enough to be blameworthy with regard to their own mental stability, or lack thereof. They are the Libtard Snowflake generation, made so by the idiocy of their elders, in many cases the primary and secondary school teachers whom they are taught to obey and respect, aided and abetted by Government. Any attempt at engendering resilience in children is now automatically regarded as “cruelty” or “intolerance” or “prejudice” and as such is sanctioned. These youngsters, many of whom just won’t have the intellectual rigour or emotional resilience to leave home and undertake university education and life age 18 or 19, are pushed, cajoled, manipulated into committing themselves financially for the rest of their working lives, in order to exchange home for some enormous institution where they will fall under the influence of more Leftie Libtards, this time in the guise of tutors and professors whose influence, because of their perceived elitist status, is likely to be even more extreme. On the subject of education in general, there is more inequality, less egality of opportunity now for children than there have ever been. The expected input of parents, from Day 1 of Primary school, is tremendous. Homework is given from the start and is expected to be supervised, monitored for quality of presentation and checked for accuracy by parents. Parents are expected to hear young children read every day and to record their reading progress in a report book for the school. Parents who care sufficiently for their children’s futures and who ARE THEMSELVES literate, who have sufficient understanding of maths and knowledge of grammar and spelling, of course do all this. But there are millions of possibly potentially academically able children who, because of parental inability or sheer parental lack of interest, never stand a chance. The more various UK governments shout and proclaim their commitment to “education”, the worse it becomes. Tens of thousands of 10 and 11 year olds in England are starting this week to sit dozens of exams to assess their worthiness for the best Local Authority State Secondary schools. This despite the fact that officially the Eleven Plus was done away with decades ago in favour of Comprehensive Education. Jumping through the academic hoop is just the first stage. After that comes the dreaded “catchment area” question! In the final analysis, parents who care sufficiently AND have the means, in desperation seek the best fee-paying school they can find, thereby impoverishing themselves relatively speaking for almost a decade!

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