June 2018
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Jew-hating BBC and Guardian don’t dare tell us about Arab atrocities

Whenever the Israelis kill Palestinians dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the BBC and Guardian are full of shocking stories of supposed “Israeli brutality”. But when Arabs slaughter Arabs, there is much less outrage. Of course, both the BBC and Guardian report on the ongoing oppression in Syria, but you have to turn to Arab TV station Al Jazeera to get the truth about what is happening. What Arabs are doing to other Arabs is truly disgusting. There are, for example, credible reports from Syrian refugees of Syrian forces rounding up groups of women, raping them in front of their families then spraying them with gunfire while shouting “how do you like your freedom now?” Al Jazeera has the courage to tell us about these events, the politically-correct BBC and Guardian have decided to hush these up as they don’t want us to get the impression that Arabs are behaving like animals to other Arabs.

While the BBC and Guardian gush on about the wonderful “Arab Spring”, we should probably be worrying about the coming Arab winter when Muslim extremists take over countries like Egypt and Libya and the Sunnis and Shiites decide it’s time to try to wipe each other out.

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