May 2024

Who loathes Liar Cameron most? Labour or Tories?

Any political leader can expect to be despised by his or her opponents, especially at a time of economic crisis. But corrupt liar David Liar Cameron seems to have achieved the almost impossible – he is probably loathed more by Tory voters and the Tory press than he is by his opponents. Cameron’s opponents expceted the worst from him and they were not disappointed – he turned out to be an arrogant, venal, lying, PR spiv rather than a political leader. But for Tories there is a real sense of betrayal. They had trusted Liar Cameron and now he has let them down he will not easily avoid their fury. Of course, the brown-nosing sycophants who “advise” Cameron and Osborne will claim that the public have not understood their policies and that they just need to explain them better. But this is rubbish. I once tried to become an adviser to Osborne and even got as far as a meeting at Westminster with one of his minions (hello Claire). But then I found that Osborne, like Liar Cameron, wasn’t looking for people with independent ideas, he just wanted arse-lickers and professional grovellers who would tell him the sun shines out of his arse.

The fact that Cameron and Osborne choose to be surrounded by professional arse-lickers, sycophants, grovellers and careerist rubbish is one of the main reasons they lurch from disaster to disaster. Ultimately, Cameron and Osborne couldn’t give a toss. They couldn’t give a toss about the loss of British lives in the lost war against Afghan freedom-fighters; they couldn’t give a toss about defending Britain against the EU takeover; they couldn’t give a toss about defending the interests of ordinary people. Like Blair they will go on to make many millions from their connections – so why should these greedy, lying, corrupt scum give a toss about anybody else?

Perhaps Cameron and Osborne will start a war with Syria or Iran or Argentina to try to distract public attention from their own incompetence, dishonesty and corruption.

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