August 2018
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Corrupt, incompetent liar David Cameron should go

Cameron is finished, he has become a joke and you cannot govern or win elections when people treat you with mockery and contempt. With his stupid “Big Society” rubbish; his lies about “we’re all in this together” and buying a pasty from a shop which had closed long before he supposedly visited it; and his corruption – “we’ll change the law in exchange for loads of money” – he is completely discredited. Liar Cameron had an historic opportunity. After 13 years of Labour misrule, corruption and waste he could have transformed Britain. Instead he turned out to be a shallow, lying, incompetent, self-serving, arrogant PR spiv and has almost certainly guaranteed the return of Labour with the useless Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown’s acolyte the repulsive “tax and waste” idiot Ed Balls.

Cameron should resign now – he can claim ill health or wanting to spend more time with his family or whatever – we’re used to his lies. He should take that fatuous fool Osborne with him. Then the Tories should replace them with people who have integrity and can gain the public’s respect – whoops, there is nobody in the Tory Party who could do that. They’re all too busy fiddling their expenses and earning millions from their second, third and even fourth jobs. What a shambles, what a catastrophe for Britain.

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