July 2024

Scrotland – where the men are women and the women are men?

(Wednesday blog)

We should have known. After all, the signs were there for hundreds of years – Scrottish men dressing up in women’s clothing:

(Still, at least they’re not dressing up as letter-boxes)

And now we’re told that children in Scrotland are set to be told that “your gender is what you decide” from their first year at primary school under draft education guidelines.

Drawn up by the left-liberal Scottish National Party (SNP) government, Education Scotland, and regional National Health Service (NHS) boards, the guidelines will be part of a teaching resource to be used in Relationships, Sexual Health, and Parenthood lessons, which schools must provide as a “core” subject from early years alongside literacy and numeracy.

Teachers will be told to highlight the importance of challenging gender stereotypes in classes under the new guidelines, according to the Scotsman newspaper, which said the changes will come into effect next year.

The newspaper reports that the guidelines instruct teachers to tell children as young as five: “Your sex is what you are told by a doctor when you are born. Most people are told they are a male child (a boy) or a female child (a girl). Your gender is what you decide,” the draft guidelines then assert, adding: “People might think they know your gender because of the clothes you wear or the things you like to do. You are a unique person, you know who you are.”

A spokesman (sorry, I meant ‘spokesperson’) for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which commissioned the new resource on behalf of a number of other agencies, said it was “still in its early early stages” but “will cover issues that young people themselves have told us are important to them such as consent, healthy relationships, emotions and feelings as well as LGBTI issues”.

The spokesperson added: “It is important that the advice and learning young people receive is relevant to its time and provides them with the knowledge and skills to help keep them safe and make the right decisions for themselves.”

“Scrotland values tolerance, Scrotland values diversity, Scrotland values respect, and above all, Scrotland values love.”
The SNP regularly boasts that Scotland is “leading the world” with regards to LGBT lobby-approved social policy, with first minister Nicola Sturgeon having led the nation’s biggest Pride parade last month.
And here is a picture that Scrottish children will no doubt be shown as part of their sex education:
Is Scrotland actually leading the world in stupidity?

2 comments to Scrotland – where the men are women and the women are men?

  • David Brown

    Scots Gay lobby notably concentrated on the legal profession. Think of a few recent high profile political figures.
    Some years ago an American TV evangelist Pat Robertson wanted out of a deal with the dodgy RBS bank. So he described ” Scotland as a dark land, you can’t believe how strong the homosexuals are.”
    The prime motive for pushing the gender fluid concept is to sow confusion and get more youth (think Billy Elliot) for older gay men.

  • Stillreading

    Totally nauseating. No wonder the West, Europe in particular, is on the way out. It’s perverse in the extreme to push little children to question their gender identity. Having raised sons and daughters I know that “normal” (am I allowed to say that?) little girls and little boys have no doubt which gender they belong to. From the start their interests demonstrate that. Observe the chosen activities of any pre-school group of children. Those who, possibly because of pre-natal hormonal influences, are genuinely gay, bisexual or, indeed, asexual, should be perfectly at liberty to pursue such gender re-assignation or surgery as they think fit when they are of mature years. Don’t, though, push it on the rest of the young population.
    Incidentally, thrice and thrice times three cheers for Boris Johnson for saying it as it is. It’s increasingly evident that in a nation traditionally renowned for free speech, one dare no longer publicly voice one’s opinions.

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