June 2024

It’s good news week

(Friday blog)

Some bits of good news this week.

In Sadiq Khan’s violent Mogadishu, which used to be known as ‘London’, apparently a ‘drill rapper’ was stabbed to death on the same street as one of his friends a few months before. No doubt this drill rapper’s family will be telling the press what a wonderful boy he was and how he loved his mum (I wonder if he knew who his father was?) and how he did social work in his spare time (when he wasn’t rapping about shooting and stabbing people?) and dreamed of becoming an architect/brain surgeon/engineer/prime minister (delete as appropriate).

But some people – some horrible cynical, misanthropic people – might have a sneaking suspicion that this drill rapper’s recent departure from this earth has improved the quality of the population in the part of London/Mogadishu where he used to live.

Meanwhile in Bradford, four young men in a BMW died at around 05.00 in the morning a couple of days ago while being followed by an unmarked police car. Given that we haven’t been quickly told that the men were “white” and given that there are very few white people left in lovely Bradford, we can possibly assume that the four young men were in some form or other members of the multi-cultural enriching community. I’ve just seen pictures of the four young men who died and their names – definitely the best kind of multi-cultural enrichers!

The IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) regional director Miranda Biddle said: “This is a most tragic incident and our sympathies are with the family and friends of those who have died”. And once again, I’m sure we’ll be told by the mainstream media that all four were wonderful boys who loved their mums, did social work in their free time (when they weren’t causing havoc for law-abiding citizens?) and dreamed of becoming architects/brain surgeons/engineers/prime ministers (delete as appropriate).

But some people – some horrible cynical, misanthropic people – might have a sneaking suspicion that these four young men’s departure from this earth in their (or someone else’s?) BMW at 05.00 in the morning (when most normal people are in bed getting some rest before another hard day’s work) has improved the quality of the population in whatever part of Bradford they used to live.

And here’s the newly freed Tommy Robinson talking about how he was treated while in prison for daring to point out that most members of Britain’s child rape gangs are from the same ethnic background as our shiny new Home Secretary. In it Tommy Robinson reveals, amongst other things, that he couldn’t open his cell window during the hot weather otherwise prisoners from the multi-cultural-enriching community would hurl excrement through his cell window.

Fortunately Mr Robinson’s lawyers managed to free him by exposing what a sham his imprisonment was otherwise a cynic might be tempted to suspect that our ‘Asian’ Home Secretary was rather hoping that the multi-cultural enriching prisoners would do a ‘Kevin Crehan’ on Tommy Robinson and then the prison authorities would claim that Tommy Robinson’s death was (like Kevin Crehan’s) “unexplained”:


6 comments to It’s good news week

  • Julia Green

    Another traditional British summer, flower shows, taking the kids to the beach, off to a book festival, taking mum & dad out for afternoon tea, slagging off 17.4 million voters and arranging your teenage daughter’s forced marriage to a bearded paedophile three times her age.

  • Eddie John

    WTF is a drill rapper, someone who sings about power tools and rawlplugs maybe.
    Oh for the days of Beach Boys and Dusty Springfield

  • William Boreham

    Mentioning Bradford, I was just reading a piece in a book about WW1, where many units were made up of men who lived, worked and socialised together, calling themselves ‘Pals’ units. As regards Bradford, they formed the 1st and 2nd Bradford Pals, both part of the West Yorkshire regiment, totalling approximately 2,000 men – and 1,770 of them died in the first hour of the Somme offensive in 1916! What a shocking waste of men who were so superior in every way to the rabble that infest that town today, so far ahead in the evolutionary process, they were a different species of humanity. I‘ve always said, Britain lost an irreplaceable gene-pool of the bravest and best in the unnecessary slaughter on the Western front 14-18. A look at our leadership these days confirms it. .

  • John Fields

    The treatment of Tommy Robinson proves that we are now
    a police state that back pedals on Islam and Sharia Law.
    The mayor of London and the Home Secretary are the
    forerunners of the ever growing menace within our midst.
    Is it too late?

  • NoMore

    Political prisoners used to something that happened in shady South American countries or behind the Iron Curtain. The nasty party showing its skirts again Tessie?

    Been enjoying a series on Al Beeb that is set in Wales and incredibly just has normal Welsh people in it except for the Baddies who seem to be Irish travellers. No blacks or Muslims or gays/trannies or mixed race couples to be seen. I’ve had to stop watching others due to the obvious propagandising of this in other programs and adverts. If Keeping Faith was set in England the Police would all be ethnic and Eve Myles would be married to a black lawyer and the kids would be those pretty mixed race ones with the masses of
    frizzed out hair.

  • Philip

    I listened to Tommy Robinson’s interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News. He was quite emotional but articulate and I found myself becoming emotional while listening to him.
    His imprisonment was political (hope you got a good lawyer David) as was his treatment inside (his cell was close to the prison mosque(coincidence, I doubt it)
    The inescapable truth that this country is run by evil people.

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