March 2023
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If only this guy was German Chancellor!

(Wednesday blog)

Was watching a football match last night. So, no time to research a blog.

But as Merkel (eagerly supported by all the quisling, West-hating, Izlumophiliac West-European leaders) squirms and writhes as she desperately tries to hang on to power in Europe’s Fourth Reich (also sometimes misleadingly called “the European Union”) here’s a real European from the Alternativ fur Deutschland saying what almost nobody else would dare say.

When I write “real European”, I mean someone who values European culture and civilisation and who doesn’t want our continent to be destroyed by an invading army of often illiterate, often intolerant, often low-IQ, often inbred, often violent, usually unemployable, often rape-obsessed Third-World garbage.

I wonder if the (IMHO) treacherous mainstream-media libtards like Emily Maitlis or Catherine Newman or Krishnan Double-Barreled or Jon “F*ck-the -Tories” Snow, who only manages to stand out from the grey studio wallpaper by wearing colourful socks and ties, will be rushing to interview this guy?

Probably not:

2 comments to If only this guy was German Chancellor!

  • NoMore

    Wow what a speech by Dr Curio. Will the UK ever have an “AfD” in the HoP with a speaker telling how it is in no uncertain terms?

  • Simon Hunt

    The U.K. will not and cannot ever permit the will of the people to prevail. The politicians in this country, regardless of persuasion, merely endeavour to perpetuate the status quo. The “system” must be upheld whatever the cost. The population of this country is now at an unsustainable level. Multi-culturalism is a monumental failure. Industry has declined to the extent of near collapse. The state pension system (and private) are massively underfunded. The G.B.P. value is falling on the international exchanges. The credit ratings agencies – including the more reliable ACRA and Dagong- have all downgraded the U.K. There is only one outcome; societal collapse and reverse migration. Left or right wing is irrelevant, we are in a technically orientated, knowledge and skills based society, and yet we continue to encourage an education system not fit for purpose, mass immigration and a benefits system which rewards the non-productive. The U.K. is finished.

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