April 2024

How best to beat your wives?

(Thursday blog)

Trump and migrant crackdown

As usual Donald Trump is receiving the usual lefty libtard dishonest abuse over the separation of children of illegal migrants from their parents. But it’s my limited understanding that, originally children of illegal migrants were incarcerated with their parents while their cases were reviewed. Then the lefty progressives protested and started legal proceedings against the US Government. In 2008, in response to the incarceration of illegal migrants’ children, the US Supreme Court decided that it was better for the children to be separated from their parents so the children would be looked after by foster parents or social workers while the parents were incarcerated and their applications to stay in the US were decided.

As Trump has started getting the US Border Force to apply US law, naturally the Border Force were obliged by law to separate children of illegal immigrants from their parents. This is why Trump has protested that this practice had nothing to do with him. Thankfully, Trump has seen what a disaster this is and has acted to stop the practice.

So, despite the manufactured howling and outrage from the progressives, it was actually the progressives who forced the US Border Force into separating children of illegal migrants from their parents from 2008 onwards.

You won’t hear the BBC nor C4 News nor any mainstream British media explaining this as it would detract from their constant abuse and vilification of Trump.

How best to beat your wives?

As we adapt to the culture of those who are taking over our country and as women increasingly become second-class citizens – property of their husbands – we’ll all have to change the way husbands and wives interact. This brings up the question as to which is the best way to beat one’s wives so they understand who is the boss.

Should you drag your wife around by the hair while making phone calls to your chums?

Was it something she said?

Or should you just give her a good thump on her head to knock some sense into her?


Or should you give her the full treatment of punches, kicks and stomping on her?

I don’t know which is the best way to ensure marital harmony in compliance with the Sharia Law which will soon be widespread in Ukistan. But it’s something we all need to think about if we’re to successfully adapt our culture to suit those who intend to take over our once great country.

Perhaps some readers will have their own suggestions on the best way to discipline a man’s many wives? If so, please click on the title of the blog and share your wisdom.

5 comments to How best to beat your wives?

  • Mr J G Fields

    If I had hit my wife she would have knocked me out.

  • Daveh

    I wouldn’t hit my wife, she has a weight advantage !

  • David Craig

    Have you told her that her weight advantage is the ONLY reason you don’t give her a good thrashing every now and then? I suspect Mrs Daveh doesn’t know. If she did, I wouldn’t fancy your chances

  • Stillreading

    No joking matter guys! But you know that anyway I assume. I was married for more than a decade to a man who didn’t hesitate to use his fists to inflict his will on me and, in common with all women I’ve know who have been on the receiving end of domestic violence, the rage I feel when I hear about it, witness the consequences on women in the form of black eyes and bruising, or see it actually taking place, as in the video, is inexpressible. And THIS is what the proponents of Sharia Law want to bring to our country. When it happens, the leftie libtard #metoo brigade, who were willing “victims” of sexual exploitation in return for career promotion, will REALLY have something to whinge about!

  • chris

    I understand that 80% of women crossing into the USA have been raped, mostly in Mexico. Even if apparently married, separating them from the adult males might not be such a bad idea.

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