October 2023
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“Brexit means….. um…….. Brexit means……… um….. Remain!”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

If you’ve got a reasonable memory, you might remember that on 23 June 2016 we had a referendum on whether to leave the EU or stay in. And we voted “LEAVE!”

But, hold on a minute – 2016? That’s, like, almost 2 years ago. Yes, it’s almost 2 years since we voted to leave the corrupt, oppressive, German-run, undemocratic EU. And what’s happened in those two years? The square root of diddly squat. That’s what.

After 2 years of prevarication, delay, betrayal and deliberate sabotage by our overwhelmingly Remoaniac ruling elites, we don’t seem any closer to leaving the iron grip of the Fourth Reich (also known as the EU) than we were on 23 June 2016.

Have you ever wondered why so little progress has been made under Theresa “Brexit Means Brexit” May’s pathetic excuse for leadership? Well, to help you understand, I’ll give you a few extremely subtle hints:

Extremely subtle hint 1 – May is actually a Remoaner:

Extremely subtle hint 2 – May is actually a Remoaner:

Extremely subtle hint 3 – May is actually a Remoaner:

Extremely subtle hint 4 – May may actually be a lying, two-faced, treacherous traitor who wants Britain to remain forever under German rule:


As May prepares to betray our country  and the majority who voted “Leave”, here to cheer us all up as Britain humiliatingly bows to the German jackboot is a little song about that great persecuted English patriot – Tommy Robinson.

(It’s interesting that, when I was young all the best protest songs (Dylan, Baez etc) were for peace and love and all people and cultures being equal etc. The best protest songs were ‘left-wing’. But now we’ve realised that all people and cultures are not equal, the best protest songs come from patriots trying to warn us that Western civilisation is in danger of committing suicide. Now the best protest songs are ‘right-wing’.)

6 comments to “Brexit means….. um…….. Brexit means……… um….. Remain!”

  • Stillreading

    Naturally as a Remoaner she’s all in favour of covertly slowing the process down, whilst doing her best to justify her leadership by appearing to speed it up! I think all we Brexiteers already suspect what the outcome will ultimately be. After a few more years of procrastination in a very politically unstable world, the then Government (regardless of political colour – they’re all the same at heart!) will say that because of changed circumstances another referendum is desirable. Time dictates that by then a significant number of we senior citizens who, having seen a bit of the realities of life, voted for Brexit, will have been gathered in by the Grim Reaper, and hundreds of thousands of the snowflake Remoaner generation, who can scarcely see beyond their own melting noses, will have become eligible to vote. Well, I wish them luck with the ultimate consequences of their decision. The probability is that neither I nor many of my generation – the generation whose fathers and grandfathers fought for this country twice within a half-century – will be around to suffer those consequences with them. Mind! Miracles do happen! Merkel is clinging onto power by the skin of her teeth, the ordinary folk of Germany having finally woken up to the evils of mass uncontrolled immigration, and Macron isn’t all that popular in France for a number of reasons, both economic and social. Then there’s Italy and its new battle against immigration……. How will confrontational negotiator Barnier fare if three countries central to the EU project withdraw their support?

  • A Thorpe

    Stillreading – the Frankfurt School has been working in the background for around 100 years. They have now seen all their policies successfully implemented and the socialist state of Europe can only be a few years away. The Grim Reaper will then take many of us, but it will not be through natural causes.

  • Gloria

    I’ve said it before on here, I’m glad I’m nearer the end than the beginning……being born in the early 50’s I think we probably had the best of it. A oft used quote from an associate of mine; I sometimes reflect that we were fortunate to be born when we were. For our first few decades on Earth our generation enjoyed a golden age, a kind of optimum of earthly circumstances. We were born in full sunlight and have lived to see night fall……and as Stillreading suggests, the snowflakes of today deserve all they’ve got coming.

  • chris

    Interestingly, not one of the leaders of the biggest european economies has any children.

  • Stillreading

    Hadn’t thought of that Chris, but of course you are right. They have no stake in the longer-term future. Unfortunately, for many of us, our children – and grandchildren if old enough – tend to be ardent Remoaners. Not all of mine though: of my middle-aged children one is an ardent Brexiteer, two are Remoaners (although actually they don’t moan much!) and one is a “sit on the fence, abstain from voting, nothing we ordinary folk do will have any effect” subscriber! I tend increasingly to the view that this one takes the best stance for personal peace of mind! As for the grandchildren, mine were too young to vote, but I guess parents and grandparents through the generations have consistently thought that the best times have passed, their descendants don’t have a clue, and the country is heading for hell! (In today’s UK, given the present Gvt. and their stance on almost everything, I actually think we oldies are right!)

  • chris

    The three M’s all have unusually strong christian backgrounds. Macron baptised a Catholic at 12 at his own request. Merkel daughter of a protestant theologian. May daughter of a vicar.

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