February 2018
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Let us remember the lies

On this Remembrance Sunday let us remember that Gordon Brown was a key member of the Blair government which lied to take us into the Iraq war. Then let us remember that Brown has continually lied about providing our troops proper equipment in Afghanistan, especially helicopters. Let us remember that Brown’s Ministry of Defence have continually lied and covered up to prevent coroners finding out how our troops have died, in particular with the crash of the 35-year-old Nimrod. Let us remember how our MPs of all parties have been more interested in stealing our money than ensuring the safety of our soldiers.

Let us also remember how Gordon Brown lied to us about the economy, lied to us about ‘British jobs for British workers’, lied to us about a referendum on the EU Constitution (Lisbon Treaty), lied to us about clamping down on crime, lied to us about deporting foreign criminals, lied to us about restricting bankers’ bonuses, lied to us about protecting our pensions, lied to us about not increasing taxes, lied to us about immigration – in fact has done little but lie every time he opens his mouth.

On this Remembrance Sunday, we have a lot to remember.

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