July 2024

Two more triumphs for Trump – and the liberal elites are incandescent

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

A shit-hole is a shit-hole

How wonderful it was watch to watch the screaming, apoplectic, froth-flecked outrage (or was it panic?) of the mainstream media and the ruling elites across the world when democratically-elected US President Trump dared (yet again) speak the truth that everyone keeps denying – most countries in Africa and the Middle East or run by Africans or Arabs are total shit-holes of stupidity, corruption, poverty, violence, backwardness and hopelessness.

But I suspect most ordinary people are overjoyed at Trump daring to tell the politically-incorrect truth.

And Trump dared ask the question that many ordinary people have been too terrified to ask for fear of being branded a “waaaccciiiisssstttt” – “why do we let these people come to our country when they seem to bring nothing but violence, backwardness, ignorance and hate?”

Moreover, let us not forget that, while everyone is accusing Trump of racism, the word “sandnigger” was included in an email sent by none other than Hilary Clinton when she was the democratic presidential candidate. But nobody in the mainstream media started calling her a racist.

Anyway people from shit-hole countries need not worry. They may not be welcome in Trump’s US, but in Europe we’ve opened the borders and invited millions of ‘shit-holers’ in:

And now our societies are struggling with rising crime, rising numbers of rapes, violent no-go areas and all the other consequences of our rulers’ policies of race replacement designed to destroy any sense of national identity and make it easier for the elites to create their United States of Europe.

Trump means action, not only words

But Trump isn’t just spouting empty rhetoric like our rulers. He’s also taking action to protect America from the shit-hole migrant invasion.

I’ve already written about how the percentage of Christians in refugees from the Middle East accepted into the USA has gone up from about 0.2% under Saint Obama to over 50% under Trump.

Moreover, apparently in August 2017 Trump started making changes to the US Green Card system to prioritise those with skills rather than those coming from the world’s worst hell-holes. Under Saint Obama, of the one million immigrants entering the USA each year, only one in every fifteen was allowed in because of their skills. The other fourteen out of fifteen got in mainly because they came from the world’s shit-holes. Trump is taking action to change that.

Watch a couple of minutes of this video and weep. Weep because America has a leader who, for all his many faults, is implementing measures to protect America and Americans.

But given that the British mainstream media only reports negative stories about Trump, most people in Britain probably have no idea about Trump’s immigration reforms.

Here’s Trump’s immigration reform statement – pity our rulers didn’t think about doing something similar:

5 comments to Two more triumphs for Trump – and the liberal elites are incandescent

  • brian rodney

    This is the kind of speech I would expect Jeremy Corbyn to make,he will not, of course, because he and his cronies exhibit nothing but contempt for the working-class of the UK.

  • Barry Foster

    I love his honesty. It’s straight-talking, like Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage. Say it as it is, don’t pussy-foot, then we all know where we are. I see the BBC are waging a daily campaign against Donald Trump, which is amusing, as all it does is show the BBC for what it is. And amusingly, the Washington Post yesterday had a go at him for the false missile alarm in Hawaii! It’s a fact that there are many shithole countries, and the people living in those shithole countries want to move elsewhere. The only trouble is, is that some of them want to drag down the country they move to. Others want to get on and forge a life. Immigration built America, but the immigrants (for some years now) are just too numerous for the US, and many of them lazy and unproductive. As usual, Trump is bang on.

  • Joe Schmo

    He is no diplomat. But that is a positive.

    He says what most people think, but are too cowed to say.

  • tomtit

    David, will you now please reinstate the links for petersweden7 of Twitter that were deleted at the request of others yesterday?
    “January 14, 2018 at 9:42 am

    Shame about the hijacking of your article by tomtit and its all over for Sweden.

    Gloria from Victoria
    January 14, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Yes, shame about tomtit….have you not got a delete button David?

    I can’t see why they would object to the debacle in Sweden that is all but a War zone in Southern Cities in Sweden.Where the rate of Grenade attacks is now approaching one every other day,being displayed on this page where it is appropriate. i.e.reference from above in initial posting.

    “why do we let these people come to our country when they seem to bring nothing but violence, backwardness, ignorance and hate?”

    I think it would be most appropriate and certainly not a hijacking.

    Of course the MSM , Main Stream Media will not report the degeneration and demise of Sweden, as LORD NORTHCLIFFE the Press Baron once said.

    “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.”

    Please hit the Undelete Button,

  • Stillreading

    Trump only said what I and all my acquaintances say between ourselves but dare not say publicly as we no longer enjoy freedom of speech in the UK.
    Interesting Panorama on BBC1 last evening; despite Aunty’s no doubt desired agenda of demonstrating how loathed the US President is in is own country and how those who voted for him now wish they hadn’t, the best they could come up with was one rather self-righteous woman whose family had suffered when coal production ceased under Obama and who, now that Trump has reinstated production, giving her back her job, says she could never vote for him again! His other supporters are happy with his performance and say they will vote for him next time. Another demonstration of how far removed from the thoughts and emotions of ordinary people the Libtard-focussed media in the UK now is. (Presumably not much better in the States either, based on sundry video clips of “celebs” and over-remunerated presenters doing the rounds.)

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