July 2024

Sex for stardom – doing deals with the devil?

Here at snouts-in-the-trough our mission is to inform and we would NEVER do a story just to show titillating pictures of naked women – well, almost never.

The constant stream of stories about Harvey ‘Fatman’ Weinstein’s alleged tendency to sexually exploit and even rape any female he could get near seems to expose several levels of rottenness in both Holywood and US society.

1. Were all the females ‘victims’?

I worked for many years in advertising and management consultancy. These are both ‘professions’ that tend to attract extremely greedy, self-centered people with large egos, huge appetites for other people’s money and few moral scruples. And given the recent revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly pressuring aspiring actresses for sex, I’ve been slightly surprised by the surprise.

Thinking back on my own sad excuse for a career, I’ve been trying to remember if I ever came across a female manager who didn’t have sex with her bosses in return for career advancement. But I can’t think of any. The beautiful ones had sex with the top bosses, the ugly ones had sex with the mid-level bosses, nobody had sex with me. In company after company, I saw the same pattern.

Given that the people attracted to lucrative careers in films are a thousand times more greedy, more self-centered, more narcissistic, more egoistic and more immoral than those I met in advertising and management consultancy, I’m not in any way surprised to learn of the allegations against the slim, attractive, personable Harvey ‘FatMan’ Weinstein.

Seeing the limited physical attractiveness of the FatMan, I can well believe that many women were reluctant to submit to his unwanted attentions. But given my own observations of the behaviour of many female managers in advertising and management consultancy, I suspect that some of those now bleating about sexual exploitation or assault actually willingly entered a deal with the devil – sex for stardom, Oscars and unimaginable riches – with their eyes (and mouths and legs?) wide open.

I’m not condoning the FatMan’s behaviour. I’m merely pointing out that in an imperfect world bad things happen

2. Liars, liars and more liars

Hollywood’s male stars have been fairly quick to condemn FatSlob’s shenanigans claiming (implausibly in my humble opinion) that they knew nothing. Hollywood is a small place. Gossip is rife. People on the inside know what’s going on. So, I suspect that many of the male stars now energetically distancing themselves from the LardLump (who may have helped them in their careers) and claiming complete ignorance are naive at best, but most probably blatant liars

3. Those stinking Clintons

But in all this stinking affair, surely nothing smells quite as bad as the behaviour of the Clintons and all their democratic, libtard hangers-on? The Clintons and the Democrats courted Weinstein, kissed his fat arse whenever possible and took a fortune from him. And now they too claim – “we knew nothing”. Yeah right.

And what about Crooked Hilary currently in Britain trying to sell her new book? There seems to be evidence that she worked hard to destroy the credibility and lives of any woman claiming to have had sexual relations with Randy Old Bill. Hilary seems to have had a fair bit of experience of hanging out with men who use their power and position to sexually exploit females.

And now, under pressure, Hilary says she’ll give the money she got from FatPig to charity. Hmmm, which charity, Hilary? The Clinton Foundation?

4. Some innocent victims?

You have to be careful on the Internet as many supposedly ’embarrassing’ photos of celebs are faked or photoshopped or whatever. But taking that into account, I believe that several of the photos below are genuinely of ladies who are now accusing Harvey LardBucket of sexual abuse. From the little I understand, most of these photos were taken from films the stars did before they became famous, so it’s not obvious that all these ladies have always been as overly concerned about their modesty as they now claim.

Here’s possibly one of FatTurd’s accusers if the photos are genuine:

And here she is again if the photos are genuine:

Here’s possibly another lady whose name has been linked to the alleged FatBully:

And here’s yet another:

I could show you a lot more similar pictures, but I’m sure no readers really want to see such gratuitous nudity. Oh well, just one more then:

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