October 2021
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Brave AlJazeera exposes Nigerian corruption. But cowardly BBC says nothing

A new report shows that with high oil prices, Africa’s second richest country, Nigeria, is growing even richer. But while the country earns billions more, most of Nigeria’s people are becoming poorer. About 80% of Nigerians now have to survive on less than $2 a day. So where do the billions and billions go? Of course, they’re all stolen by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, military leaders and their business cronies. Instead of being used to build roads, schools, sewage plants, electricity supply or providing clean water, Nigeria’s massive wealth is mostly being channelled into offshore bank accounts. Nigeria’s joke of a president has promised a crackdown on corruption. That’ll have most Nigerians laughing.

On Aljazeera, they covered this story with an extensive interview about how widespread corruption is destroying most Nigerians’ lives. On Aljazeera’s main news-broadcasting competitor, BBC World, the politically-correct cowards mentioned the report but said nothing at all about Nigeria’s corruption. Instead BBC World broadcasts a pointless series called “African Journey” in which Jonathan Dimbleby tells us what an exciting colourful place Africa is. Well, Mr Dimbleby, Africa is not so colourful and exciting for more than 100 million Nigerians forced into destitution by the greed and venality of their leaders! Maybe it’s time to save UK TV license-payers millions by shutting down the useless, cowardly, politically-correct BBC World Service.

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