July 2024

Will we soon have 4GW in Europe?

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From 1GW to 4GW

No, 4GW is not a new form of Wifi. The term 4GW stands for “fourth generation warfare”. Some military experts classify different types and eras of warfare into four generations:

  • 1st Generation: tactics of line and column; which developed in the age of the smoothbore musket. 1GW consisted of tightly ordered soldiers with top-down discipline. These troops would fight in close order and advance slowly. This began to change as the battlefield changed. Old line and column tactics are now considered suicidal as the bow and arrow/sword morphed into the rifle and machine gun
  • 2nd Generation: tactics of linear fire and movement, with reliance on indirect fire. This type of warfare can be seen in the early stages of World War I where there was still strict adherence to drill and discipline of formation and uniform. However, there remained a dependence on artillery and firepower to break the stalemate
  • 3rd Generation: tactics of infiltration to bypass and collapse the enemy’s combat forces rather than seeking to close with and destroy them. Also 3GW targets both military forces and home populations. Many of the battles of WWII were 3GW.

What about 4GW? Fourth-generation warfare is often seen in conflicts involving failing/failed states and civil wars, particularly in conflicts involving intractable ethnic or religious issues. Most 4GW will occur within countries and former countries rather than between countries.

Fourth-generation warfare has often involved an insurgent group or other violent non-state actor trying to implement their own government over the current ruling power structure. 4GW usually results in brutal internecine slaughter

The current conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Libya are examples of 4GW

Coming to a street near you?

The big question for our times is whether 4GW will break out in some European countries as the immigrant populations from the Middle East, Asia and Africa start becoming majorities.

I think replacement birth rates for a population are around 2.1 children per woman. Most European countries’ birth rates are down to between 1.1 and 1.4 children per woman meaning the indigenous population is ageing and declining. Meanwhile birth rates for immigrant populations from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are between 3 and 4 children per woman and some men will have more than one wife.

If this trend continues, it is a mathematical certainty (not waacissmm or bigotry – just simple arithmetic) that the populations of many European countries originating from Asia, Africa and the Middle East will outnumber the ethnic white populations within the next 30 to 40 years – say by 2050 to 2060. In many of Europe’s major cities the original white ethnic populations are already a minority – just one in three ‘Londoners’ is white British, for example.

We are handing over our continent, city by city, country by country, to people who have very different cultural, social, educational and religious backgrounds and very different philosophies of who should run those countries and how they should be run.

If we take the year 2000 as being the start of our rulers’ race replacement policy, then that means over a period of just 50 to 60 years, our rulers intend to change populations that were over 90% indigenous white Europeans to populations that are 60% or more from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Never in history has such a massive demographic change been done peacefully so quickly.

So, will this takeover of Europe by the immigrant hordes be wonderfully peaceful? Or will it be appallingly violent?

Will it end in joyful and diverse and prosperous multi-cultural paradises? Or will we see bloody, destructive, economically-catastrophic 4GW?

We can guess that the populations of Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands are so gutless and emasculated that they will submit to this race replacement without a murmur of protest. Sweden already has over 65 ‘no-go’ areas where police and emergency services are afraid to operate. As for the Germans – well they’ll probably just obey orders as usual – “befehl ist befehl”.

But the situation in Britain and France is not so clear. In Britain the police and military will probably side with the invaders against indigenous Brits should the indigenous populations dare to try to defend their country. As for France, I’m led to believe by people I know in the French military that they will fight on the side of preserving French values and civilisation. Moreover, I believe many former French military have weapons at home and they too will not allow their country to be over-run.

But who really knows? The last time someone tried such rapid race replacement was Germany’s “Lebensraum” policy during WWII when over 30 million were slaughtered to make room for the Germans to expand into Eastern Europe and Russia and also Japan’s expansion in Asia – another 10 to 20 million innocents massacred.

Interesting times ahead!

It should be fun to watch!

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