May 2024

Did hopeless Osborne learn his economics from Gordon Liar Brown?

Our latest failed Chancellor, George “I haven’t a clue old chap” Osborne has apparently been working hard to reduce Britain’s deficit. Result – the deficit has increased pretty much every month he’s been running the shop. We now spend more each month on interest payments than we do on education or defence. It seems Osborne has been about as prudent as Britain’s worst ever Chancellor, the liar Gordon Brown – the man who managed to waste over £1 trillion on increased public spending without any increase in services. The problem is that public-sector bosses believe that austerity if for everyone else except them. So they carry on wasting over £150bn a year of our money. The Guardian “non-jobs section” is still bulging with unnecessary and highly-paid but pointless public-sector positions. If he is to reduce the deficit, Osborne has to tackle the stupidity and profligacy of the public sector.

For a start, he should put all administrative government departments on a 4-day week. After all, would we notice any difference if all the penpushers at the Department of Health or Education only worked Monday to Thursday? He should shut down the ludicrous Equality and Human Rights Commission (saving £70m a year) and another twenty to thirty similarly useless quangos. He should set a maximum public-sector pension of £25,000 a year. If civil service bosses want more, they should save into a pension scheme like the rest of us. Only measures like these will make our free-spending public-sector realise that the days of Brownian waste are over.

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