May 2024

Guardian readers must be even stupider than I had ever imagined

Couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday. There was an article in the Guardian praising Gordon Brown for his courage, leadership and understanding of complex economic issues during the financial crisis. Who writes this kind of crap? And perhaps more importantly, who actually reads it? The liar Gordon Brown was probably the most catastrophic Chancellor in British history. At a time when the whole world’s economy was booming, this idiot, instead of paying down Britain’s debt, went on a massive borrowing spree. He then took over £1 trillion of our money and wasted the lot on increasing public spending without achieving any improvements at all in public services. Most of the money was wasted on bigger salaries for managers and bureaucrats. So when the economic cycle went inevitably from boom to slowdown, Britain was caught with its pants down around its ankles as one of the most heavily indebted countries in the world. All of this achieved by one man – the great liar Gordon Brown. Though, of course, he was helped in his ambition of bankrupting Britain by acolytes like Ed Balls and his lady wife.

But now, apparently Guardian readers believe that Brown was a great man. Well they would, wouldn’t they?  After all, he hugely increased the salaries and pensions of the kind of people who read the Guardian. It hasn’t occurred to Guardian readers that while they have enjoyed Brown’s largesse with taxpayers’ money, the rest of the country has been ruined.

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