May 2024

Women of Europe – why are you voting to be raped, beaten and even murdered?

Apologies for yesterday’s blog. It wasn’t particularly profound. But it’s actually quite difficult sometimes to find a subject to write about every day that isn’t already covered in the mainstream media. In my defence, I’d say look at the blog I wrote at the weekend about the Battle of Vienna and history about to rhyme – I thought that one was pretty neat and haven’t seen anyone else pick up on that idea.

Anyway, today I’ll hand over to the wonderfully eloquent Pat Condell as he wonders why European women are marching so enthusiastically towards their own rape and subjugation.


2 comments to Women of Europe – why are you voting to be raped, beaten and even murdered?

  • NoMore

    It’s one of the most bizarre aspects of the Merkel Terror that’s for sure. I guess when every woman knows a rape victim then they might finally get the message but of course by then it will be far too late. How many women still voted for Liebour in Rotherham?

    The pattern will likely be: women vote for parties offering (what seem to be) soft, fluffy, refugee-friendly, kumbaya policies then when the rape, violence and oppression becomes an everyday experience they then look to their men to fight off the invaders invited in by the traitor parties they voted in.

  • Gloria from Victoria

    Just like yourself David, Pat tells it like it is…….trouble is, those headlights he speaks of are too bright for the dimwits all around us.

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