July 2024

The progressive libtards really want all the ‘filthy Jews’ exterminated

The progressive libtards have now gone all out to destroy Trump. They simply cannot allow him to be a successful president.

The manufactured ‘outrage’ over temporary travel restrictions on citizens from just seven countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – would be laughable, if the mainstream media hadn’t been whipping up the anti-Trump frenzy.

Moreover, given that nearly 90% of the world’s Muslims are unaffected by the recent 120-day restriction on refugees from 7 out of 53 Islamic countries, calling this a ‘ban on M*sl*ms’ is somewhat of an exaggeration.

Let them kill the Jews

Amongst the frothing fabricated ‘rage’ against Trump, a few things seem to have been forgotten.

Firstly, Israelis are permanently banned from the following Religion of Peace countries:

It might be because I have a short memory, but I don’t remember the hypocritical, Jew-hating progressive libtards protesting against this clear anti-semitism. Do you?

Moreover, I don’t remember the libtards protesting when US President Carter imposed a similar ban:

“First comes Saturday”

In fact, Jews have been virtually eliminated from the Middle East:

The ‘liberal’ West hopes that by allowing the Religion of Peace to wipe out the Jews, the M*sl*ms will leave us alone. Sorry mate, it doesn’t work that way. I have previously explained the Arabs have a phrase “first comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”. This means, first we will slaughter all those who pray on Saturday (the Jews) then we will slaughter all those who pray on Sunday (the Christians).

As for the M*sl*m obsession with destroying Israel. Israel is a tiny sliver of land surrounded by a vast Arab world:

But the Arabs are desperate to wipe Israel out because it represents success, hard work, technical advance and democracy whereas Arab countries demonstrate only dirt, filth, poverty, indolence, violence, backwardness and stupidity.

Destroy the Jews, destroy Trump

What we’re witnessing is the typical leftard hypocrisy , anti-semitism and intolerance. The leftards loathe the Jews and want the Arabs to finish what Hitler started. And they loathe Trump because he is determined to protect Western civilisation against an *sl*mic takeover.

That’s why the lefties desperately need to destroy the Jews and Trump. Both represent a threat to their perverted world view.


Petition inviting Trump to the UK

And here’s a link to a petition inviting Trump to the UK. Please click on it and sign it:

Then send the link to other people for them to sign too. Sometimes, the ‘silent majority’ have to speak up against the mouth-frothing, progressive libtards who monopolise the mainstream media

2 comments to The progressive libtards really want all the ‘filthy Jews’ exterminated

  • NoMore

    I signed it yesterday and see it is now up to 65,000 signatures. The libtard one is probably in the millions by now but there are a lot of penguins against Trump in Antarctica and the Vatican City turnout will be no doubt be high again (higher than the actual population.)

    Someone commenting on another site made an interesting observation that a lot of the faux outrage here from the likes of the twatterati, BBC and Milliband is not so much aimed at Trump’s travel pause per se but rather at derailing the developing “special relationship” he and May are trying to portray and thereby driving May away from the US back to the loving arms of the EU. Make the nasty Bwexit go away kind of thing.

  • Theophilus

    This is a brilliant blog, says what needs saying. Love it, because it is true. I have said the Israel, tiny slither of land comment so many times…it is ridiculous to logical minded people when looking at a map, and becomes apparent the objection to Israel is all about hatred, added to forbidding Jews entry to their land. I wonder liberals and the media don’t kick up a storm about that.

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