February 2019
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Greedy wasteful public-sectorcrats will bankrupt us all

As the wasteful, overpaid, public sector workers go on strike to preserve their privileges, it’s worth looking at a few figures. Some of those on strike are members of the “100,000 Club” – the 100,000 or so public -sector employees who earn over £100,000 a year. They will retire on pensions of around £70,000 a year plus a taxfree payment of 3 years pension – another £210,000. So no hardship there. Admittedly most of the rest will get inflation-protected pensions of just £20,000 to £30,000. A modest amount maybe. But a private-sector worker would need close to £1,000,000 in savings to get that – 90% have less than £30,000. As for the lower-paid public-sector workers – they are not affected by any pension changes. So while bleating about the hardship they are having to endure, the strikers are having a laugh at our expense. And remember, these are the idiots who wasted £1 trillion of our money when Gordon Liar Brown doubled public spending from £350bn a year to over £750bn a year without giving any improvement in services.

Clarkson might have been exaggerating to recommend shooting them, but the erection of stocks in town centres so the rest of us could throw rotten fruit at these overpaid, greedy, incompetent swine might help assuage public anger.

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