July 2024

You have to admire how M*sl*ms help each other

As the invading Religion of Peace armies take over Europe and transform it into a Third-World, dangerous, filthy cesspit Eurabia, you might have wondered how many violent, illiterate, worthless, inbred, rape-obsessed parasitic gimmegrants (sorry, I meant ‘poor, defenceless, child refugees and highly-educated, hardworking adult refugees’) the rich countries of the Middle East have taken in.

After all, the rich Arab countries already have the facilities to take in millions of their own kind. Here’s the tent city in Mina for all the pilgrims to Mecca (approx 8 km from Mecca):


The tents are made of fire-resistant materials and all have air conditioners. Every tent has speakers, thermostats and fire alarm. Plus, of course, there are toilets and washing facilities. A total of 3 million people can be accommodated. Would it not be the perfect city for many of the M*sl*ms fleeing their countries? And much closer?

Moreover, the rich Gulf states urgently need workers. Here’s very rich Dubai – almost a building site:


And there are over 10 million filthy, infidel migrant workers in the Gulf states, including over 2.6 million domestic servants who are regularly beaten, raped and sometimes murdered by their owners (sorry, another Freudian slip, I meant ‘who are extraordinarily well treated by their generous employers’):


So what could better than the Gulf states welcoming in the invading gimmegrant army (sorry, slip of the finger on the keyboard yet again What’s wrong with me this morning? I, of course, meant ‘highly productive, well-educated, hard-working, really genuine refugees’)?

Then the rich Arab states could employ M*sl*ms like themselves, rather than dirty, subhuman kaffir from countries like Bangladesh, India and the Philippines.

To help you understand how our dear friends from the One and Only True Religion help each other, here’s a map showing how the rich Arab countries have so generously helped their co-religionists fleeing their own barbarity:


And here’s a 30 seconds video of some Kuwaiti official explaining why the Kuwaitis don’t want any gimmegrant scum in their country:

Yup, this Kuwaiti claims to understand what the rapist, gimmegrant, supposedly Syrian, migrant army are really like – violent, dangerous and parasitic. And the Kuwaitis and other Gulf states don’t want any of them in their own countries. Instead they want to send them to Europe:


And, of course, because our leaders hate European civilisation so much that they want to destroy it, the gimmegrant armies will keep on coming till Eurabia becomes part of the inevitable Caliphate. And anyone who dares protest about the willful destruction of our continent will be prosecuted and persecuted.

Ouch – sometimes the truth hurts!

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  • DoingGodsWork

    Approximately two years ago; a commentary was published entitled “The One Bank”. The empirical foundation for the article (and the paradigm) was an extensive computer model, produced by a trio of academics at a university in Switzerland, and originally reviewed in an article from Forbes.

    The gist of the computer modeling was that a single “super-entity”, by itself, controlled roughly 40% of the global economy. The term “super-entity” is simply a synonym for monopoly. The research further stipulated that ¾ of the 140+ (gigantic) corporate fronts which comprised this mega-monopoly were financial intermediaries (i.e. banks), hence the title, The One Bank.

    The research names “names”. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Credit Suisse, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers are among the Big Banks listed as being tentacles of this enormous, financial crime syndicate. Note that the latter names on that list are deceased, (supposed) “casualties” of the Crash of ’08. But with all of these financial tentacles part of a single whole; this proves that the bail-outs which came after that event, and even the crash itself were pure fraud.

    All of these financial losses were internal: one tentacle of the crime syndicate (supposedly) “losing money” to another tentacle of the same entity, meaning they were just phony, paper-losses which never really existed. The tentacle on the receiving end of the “losses” was enriched by that amount, meanwhile the tentacle on the losing end was indemnified via (fraudulent) taxpayer-funded “bail-outs”. Heads I win; tails you lose.

    The rationale behind these fraudulent bail-outs is that they were to “protect the financial system from collapse.” However, with “the financial system” being little more than the One Bank, itself, and all of its supposed losses being internal; there was never any threat to the system. There was no financial rationale for even one cent of the fraudulent $trillions in “bail-outs” (while these same, corrupt governments radically cut funding for programs which helped/served the People).

  • DoingGodsWork

    Then we have China’s empire. China’s empire is a builder’s empire. China’s empire-building has elevated its own population, not enslaved-and-impoverished the people, as is being constantly done in the West. China builds relationships with other nations. The Corrupt West simply imposes its will on neighbouring nations, usually via some form of political, economic, or military coercion.

    China is an empire of the “carrot.” The Corrupt West is an empire of the “stick.”

  • DoingGodsWork

    U.S. Big Banks: A Culture of Crime – Jeff Nielson

    The lackeys, as always, obeyed their Masters, and issued a new proclamation . The U.S. ‘Justice’ Department would never prosecute a U.S. Big Bank ever again – no matter what crimes it committed, no matter how large the crimes, no matter how many times the same Big Banks committed the same crimes. Complete, legal immunity; totally above the law. A literal culture of crime.

    What happens when you create a culture of crime in (big) banking? Not only the banks break laws – with impunity – their bank employees do so as well. Case in point: Warren Buffett’s favorite Big Bank – Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo employees came up with a good idea for boosting their salaries: stealing money directly out of the accounts of the bank’s clients .

    Consider how large this crime became, in just one of these tentacles of organized crime.

    L.A City Attorney Mike Feuer announced a $185 million settlement reached with Wells Fargo, after thousands of bank employees siphoned funds from their customers to open phony checking and savings accounts raking in millions in fraudulent fees. [emphasis mine]

    Thousands of bank employees stealing millions of dollars from bank customers, in tiny, little increments, again and again and again. But the story gets much worse. Why was a lowly city attorney involved with the prosecution of this organized crime?

  • TrumpTramplesHitlery

    Trump Gains 11 Point Poll Swing Following FBI Investigation Into Clinton Emails.

  • BritishBullshitCorp

    BBC Under Fire for ‘Transgender Diaries’ Program Aimed at Children as Young as Six.

  • GermanBullshitCorp

    Get out your BURKHAS…….

    Integrate Into Migrant Cultures To Make Newcomers Welcome, Germans Told.

    A sociologist in Germany has blamed Germans for the lack of progress in integrating new migrants to the country claiming that the Germans themselves need to integrate into migrant cultures.

    Sociologist Annette Treibel has a message for Germans when it comes to the problems of integrating the huge amount of migrants who have flooded into the country: it’s probably your fault.

    Posing the question of why migrants would want to integrate into Germany when Germans refuse to learn their culture and language, Dr. Treibel claims that it is Germans who need integration courses into migrant cultures, not migrants who should adapt to Germany reports Die Welt.

  • David Brown

    interesting the post by doinggodswork re Wells Fargo the story was hardly covered by the MSM 53,000 of its workers where fired over creating fake accounts .

    A couple of other stories the scandal of the 71 year old women held in a max security prison over her 81 year old brother not wanting to be moved from a care home.

    Other stories the scale of PIF debt which threatens to bankrupt the NHS .
    The number of people killed each year by police cars in high speed car chases.

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