March 2019
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Why the euro will outlive us all

As ever more European countries are realising that they are bankrupt, journalists and economistst are queuing up to predict the end of the euro. Of course, logically they are right. The euro has been a disaster for the lazy, corrupt, overspending, profligate PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain). The euro allowed them to borrow at unnaturally low rates of interest and then to waste most of the money they borrowed – a bit like our lying idiot of a chancellor Gordon ‘Boom and Bust’ Brown.

But those predicting the euro’s demise have not understood that the euro is part of a political project – to bring the EU under the control of an unelected bunch of incompetent, wasteful, self-serving bureaucrats and their political poodles – Muttonhead Merkel, Smallcock Sarkozy, the useless Van Rompuy and others. To abandon the euro would mean admitting that their dream of an EU superstate – the EUSSR – was flawed. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. Our leaders will never admit they have made a mistake as this would be admitting weakness. The euro will survive however many millions of us lose our jobs as a result. All that is important now to our new leaders is preserving their jobs, privileges and pensions. We will all suffer, but our leaders have never had it so good.

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