January 2023
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If we leave the EU………

Here’s an urgent message to all voters from David Cameron, George Osborne and all our parasitic, self-serving, greedy top bureaucrats, business bosses and bankers:

If we leave the EU, a plague of locusts will destroy this year’s corn harvest

If we leave the EU, all our farm animals will explode

If we leave the EU, our rivers will turn to blood.

If we leave the EU, all our trees will wither and die

If we leave the EU, all our most prestigious buildings will collapse into piles of rubble

If we leave the EU, our money will become worthless

If we leave the EU, our dogs will all get rabies and bite us

If we leave the EU, our cars will spontaneously combust

If we leave the EU, all our motorways and roads will melt

If we leave the EU, the sun will never rise again and Britain will become an Arctic wilderness

If we leave the EU, we will all freeze and starve to death

So, you stupid plebs – be afraid. Be very afraid. Vote Remain! Hand our country over to German and French control and keep us elites in the well-paid comfort to which we have become accustomed.  

Of course there are a bunch of swivel-eyed, moronic outers who believe;

If we leave the EU, we will will save over £50m a day

If we leave the EU, we will get control over our borders and can decide who can come to live in Britain

If we leave the EU, we can deport foreign criminals, rapists and murderers

If we leave the EU, we can make advantageous trade deals with our old allies like Australia and Canada and with rapidly-growing Asian countries

If we leave the EU, we will be able to make our own laws

If we leave the EU, we will unshackle our country from a sclerotic, economically-declining, failed totalitarian experiment

If we leave the EU, we can save our country from becoming a poverty-stricken, excrement-covered, violent, Third-World Islamic hell-hole like Belgium or Sweden are becoming

If we leave the EU, we will thrive and, seeing our freedom and success, other countries will also demand to be liberated from the French and German controlled scam that is the European Union

If we leave the EU we have a bright future.

If we stay in the EU we are damned to eternal enslavement!

5 comments to If we leave the EU………

  • brian rodney harwood

    Leaving the EU will also rid the UK universities of the influence of the so-called Monnet professors funded and paid by the European Union Commissioner for Information ( or should that be Commissioner for Propaganda ? ) They are tasked with pushing the EU agenda down the throats of those doing social studies.

  • john glover

    Old American saying.
    Fool me once “Shame on you”.
    Fool me twice “Shame on me”.
    if we fall for it again the we are all fools
    and deserve what we get.

  • dave

    Your post made me smile David, very funny ( especially ” and bite us ” ), and I agree with Brian, I’ve seen the results of my twin daughters, now 20 yrs, being force fed garbage….. If i so much as make a comment about Dear Old Blighty and history to them, I immediately become a geriatric ” ist, obic,” and anything else with a label on it.
    People have no idea of what is to come should we stay… a tsunami of regulation and punishment will be upon us, look what they did to Greece for even thinking about a referendum.
    I would like to say ” may god help us “…. but that’s not fair …. We must help ourselves !

  • John Fields

    Mr Osborne is as big a liar as his partner Mr Cameron. How can an electorate
    believe a man who says our exit will cost each person £5400 each. This is the same
    man who has turned us into ‘Austerity Britain.’ Yet, at the same time has increased our
    National Debt by £800 billion in six years running at £5214 per SECOND.

  • Barry Richards

    The politicians want to stay in the EU because it’s another club after Westminster. They don’t care about the Country or the economy, the expenses scandal and the lords attendance scandal proved that.

    Austerity is to keep the poor in line-the debt has gone up.

    We would be far better off as a nation and could hold our heads high in the World. Even patriotism would make a come back. Scaremongering shows weakness. The out camp don’t lower themselves I’ve noticed.

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