December 2023
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The end of argument?

I have been trying to find a short (2 to 3 minutes) video of freedom of speech campaigner Mark Steyn. But all I’ve seen are 40- to 50-minute speeches.

But if you go to 19 minutes into the video below, you’ll find a few sentences that perfectly encapsulate what is happening in our society.

Steyn says “We are living in the dawn of a new age – the end of argument. People no longer want to win the debate, they want to prevent the debate. That’s true for Islam and it’s true for climate change”.

A few simple words that expose the rottenness of how the politically correct try to win every argument by trying to destroy anyone who dares to disagree with them.

However, if you start at 18:40 into the video you also get a joke about Prince Charles and the former Iranian president.

4 comments to The end of argument?

  • tom

    So true, the party line is becoming the only line and we must resist albeit, passively. Never heard of that geezer but will certainly look out for him, he’son my list of sensible people now.

  • MGJ

    I think it is fair to say that rational argument vs. bullying screams of waaaaccciiiist only has one winner. As you will never alter their position, I recommend using the same tactics against such people.

    Point out that it is the left that preaches that anybody with a dark skin is fundamentally inferior to the point that they can never be held responsible for any bad decisions they may make or views they may hold.

    It is the left that believes that white males are born with original sin, being 100% responsible for racism, sexism, rape culture, imperialism, slavery, misogyny, homophobia…

    And if they think Hamas is cool (e.g. Corbyn or The Guardian) then point out this is openly anti-Semitic given their stated intention to kill every single Jew on the planet.

  • Americanian

    Here we go again: “It is The Left…” rhetoric.
    Where I’m coming from “The Left” are scientists and rational people who don’t point the blame at Gawd or Da Devil! They’re also predominantly the ones not backing Corporations and doing whatever it takes to keep lining their pockets at the cost of peoples’ lives.

  • Martel

    The regressive left are anything but rational. The regressive left are not opposed to corrupt corporations or corrupt political groups which they back. They are useful idiots and apologists for religious right extremists backed by corrupt Saudi and Turkish tyrants whose policies they support. The left ‘pretend’ to support human rights only when it serves their agenda but they will turn a blind eye when it doesnt. This is why they were silent on the rapes which took place in Rotherham – covered up by a left wing labour council. How very ‘rational’ and ‘scientific’ for Merkel and her political cronies to attempt to cover up the rape crimes which took place in Cologne.

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