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Can we afford the scroats?

Our wonderful government tells us that the UK economy is growing faster than any other country in the EU and that there are more people in work than ever before. Yippeeee! Let’s celebrate! We’re all going to be debt-free and rich.

Given our economic success, the Government must be paying out less on things like benefits and so public spending must be going down. Except it’s not. It’s going up every year. Odd that.

public spending to 2016

As for paying down our national debt. Well that should be easy. After all, with so many more people in work, the Government must be creaming in all that luverly income tax and national insurance. Oh dear, our national debt is rising too:

national debt to 2018

I’ve written often enough about how our politicians and public-sector bosses squander ever more of our money on themselves while promising the opposite. But below is a comment from a reader describing what is happening at the bottom end of the social scale – the kind of people one sees on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Perhaps this is yet another reason public spending and debt keep on rising?

Here’s the reader’s comment:

I have had a brain injury and am unable to do my job as a insulation engineer, which was really good money. Upon awaking from a coma and learning to walk talk and eat again due to being half paralysed, I had to go into social housing. This place was a complete shithole.

A three storey estate of flats where every individual flat smelt of canabis.  I had single mums all around me with no thought of looking after their kids.  The slag above me used to yell out of the window usually pissed up with some random scroat baby making machine hanging out the back of her at 11pm, shouting her four year old daughter who played out on the opposite side of the estate out of sight.  All I’d ever hear was “Tilly, where arrrrreeee yaaaaarrrrrrr?”

Complete slag.  She was the estate prostitute and about 7-10 times a day her intercom would ring often echoing down into my home due to her flat being bare floors and lack of decoration apart from the empty bottles everywhere.  Apparently she had three kids altogether but social had taken two off her. She’d be up yelling at her 4 year old to go to bed at 3am. Then the following morning would be shouting. “Tilly will yaarrr get out af fucken bed yav got ta go school”. Then the local alcoholic and druggy would walk past mine, bang up the stairs, argue with the mum then take the kid to school for her and pick her up.

These scroats need stopping. When I had to claim benefits because I was unable to work, I’d be constantly taking pay cuts due to there not being enough funding for people with disabilities.  Now I’ve finally been paid out my loss of earnings and bought myself a house with the money.

But here’s where it takes the biscuit.  I have a girlfriend who works full time who lives with me in my house.  Because she works and lives with me even though she’s always broke as her pay is rubbish, I take another pay cut to literately less than half I would be entitled to if I lived on my own.  I don’t understand how this system works.

I have an old friend now scroat, who said to me. “Are you and (my girlfriend)  going to have kids?” I said no we can’t afford it. Then she blew me away with this reply. “why doesn’t (my girlfriend) quit her job ‘n go on the dole and you’ll get a big house and more money?” The way she said it she was proud to be on “benifits” with her three different father kids!.

She once complained she needed to move house to a new town which the social did for her. They gave her a nice big terrace, which they decorated fully brand new.  She stayed there about two months before claiming she was lonely and then they gave her a maisonette on a nicer estate than where I was staying. They didn’t put carpets in her flat so off to town she went on the bus with her three kids to complain. A week later, after claiming her son hurt his knee on the floor board, they installed carpets.  Then with the money she saved she went on two holidays. Disneyland Paris and Eygpt. Complete joke.

The system needs sorting. Oh and my friend is now seeing a drug dealer and planning baby number 4.  Complete scroats. Sorry to drag on but it winds me up.  These scroats have more nights out and holidays than childless working people. WTF is wrong with England?

2 comments to Can we afford the scroats?

  • David Brown

    The Government Figures are about size of the economy. Of course with large scale population increase there are more people employed but they are providing services for the extra people.Extra people drives up the value of housing so property inflation creates an impression of economic wealth.
    A few years ago Comet, MFI , Woolworths, HMV all had a bigger economy than the Poundland and 99p stores did. But that was Turnover not net profit.The population increase has not increased the amount of goods the UK produces for export if anything its increased our imports.

  • Barry Richards

    The welfare bill is out of control. With that and the NHS swallowing more and more money every year it’s only a matter of time before things get so bad that a lot of honest working people decide enough is enough and leave the UK. Politicians are out of touch with how the common man and woman are thinking today. We have a free for all going on with benefits, Universal Credit while responsible people, the PAYE army, have to foot the bill. A lot of these people are leaving or will leave in the future to seek a better life somewhere else.
    I’ve just read the Governments mailing about staying in the EU. It’s as if they are frightened of leaving and the EU only costs “just over 1p in every pound for every tax payer”. What about the cost to us of regulation, immigration lowering wages and putting up living costs such as housing and travel. Anyway, the EU only adds to a growing national debt and I for one will be hoping the Government will be forced into action on debt before the Welfare bill overtakes the tax take. Maybe the Panama leak will wake them up out of their cosy slumber. Heaven help us.

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