July 2024

First they were clapping themselves – now they’re crapping themselves

It’s difficult not to fell a little (or even a lot) of schadenfreude watching the complete pig’s ear the Krauts have made of immigration, all thanks to their Fuhrerin Angela “Mad Cow” Merkel.

First the clapping

Remember last summer? The Squareheads streaming out to welcome the supposed ‘refugees’ and handing them food and clothes and toys for the children:

welcome to Germany

Oh, what happy times! How pleased the Krauts were with their “Refugees Welcome” banners as they showed the world what a wonderful civilised, humanitarian country Germany had become. How the Krauts clapped as they applauded their own generosity.

Then the crapping

But ssomething sort of went wrong. The dim Krauts thought the supposed ‘refugees’ would be grateful to Germany and would hurry to integrate with the German way of life. Get jobs, work, obey Kuffir laws that sort of thing. The ‘refugees’ – over 80% of them young M*sl*m men of fighting/raping age – had other ideas. They wanted free homes, free money, free everything and lots of sex with worthless Kuffir girls. As for adopting the German way of life, they believed that Germany must adapt to their primitive, Third-World habits. And so the robbing and the attacks and the raping began.

Now the Krauts don’t seem quite as pleased with themselves as they were last summer. In fact many are crapping themselves as they slowly realise that over one million M*sl*m ‘gimmegrants’ a year, each of whom can bring in up to six family members, are soon going to destroy Germany in the same way as the gimmegrants have destroyed their own hell-hole countries:

refugees not welcome

Faced with a public backlash against her imbecilic decision to flood her country with sex-obsessed, misogynist, backward M*sl*m men, Merkel is pretending to get tough by changing the laws on dealing with criminal gimmegrants. But when she has secretly pressured the police to never arrest gimmegrants who are committing crimes, supposedly tougher laws aren’t going to protect Germans against the M*sl*m hordes brought in by Merkel as part of her plan to eradicate German national identity in order to create an EU Superstate (run by a German, of course) in which individual countries would no longer exist:

mad cow merkel


Will Merkel have the last laugh?

But, of course, Adolf Merkel may have the last laugh. As soon as her gimmegrants and rapefugees get EU travel documents, many will head for Benefits Britain as they’re more likely to speak English than German and our benefits system is the most generous in Europe.

Hopefully this will be the last straw that makes people realise the utter disaster that the EU has become? In addition to escaping from the shackles of the collapsing economic basket-case that is the EU. In addition to regaining our national sovereignty from the corrupt bureaucrats in Brussels. In addition to being allowed once again to make trade deals with other countries without EU interference. In addition to getting back control of our fishing, agriculture and laws. In addition to all these, surely the pending invasion by Mad Merkel’s migrant M*sl*m millions will convince anybody with any intelligence that we MUST vote to leave the EU.

Let Mad Cow Merkel sort out her own mess!

Don’t let her dump her migrant M*sl*m garbage on us!

8 comments to First they were clapping themselves – now they’re crapping themselves

  • David Brown

    The key factor on immigration into the EU is once migrants get into one state they can get into any other state. The African migrants travelled via Libya to Italy and where all allowed to stay. This inspired close on a million more to travel via Turkey to Greek islands near the Turkish coast. How many are coming in 2016?
    Many of our Somalian population had originally come from other EU states and once they got a Danish or Dutch passport moved here to collect housing benefits and do drug deals.

  • mike mines

    It is now becoming increasingly clear that our ‘governments’ cant protect us from the youngest up. I hope you are preparing to make your own arrangements as very soon EU passports will be handed out willy nilly.
    Be careful of ‘our’ police force, they don’t appear to be following sane policy anymore and have been thoroughly politicized…

  • Brillo

    I would give it 12 months for the majority of the migrants to hit our shores. It was inevitable the Germans would return to type and kick them out one way or another.

    By the way David have you had chance to look into the Care4calais charity yet, the cow running it must be on a good earner.

  • Tim SW

    Dont forget all the Gimmegrants that have made it to the EU will be allowed to bring in all the Relatives as well soon.The Fuhrerin Master Plan is working well, Obi Wan.

  • Tim SW

    More on that Religion of Peace!! and the Muslim Army.

    At least 7 dead as Jakarta rocked by multiple explosions, gunfire in alleged ISIS-related attacks.

    Several blasts went off in the center of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, in an apparent terrorist attack involving suicide bombers. Eyewitnesses describe casualties, chaotic scenes and exchanges of gunfire with police.
    At least seven people have so far been confirmed killed in the attack, police said. According to Al Jazeera, a Dutch national working for UN was among the dead.

  • David Brown

    Brillo on her web site she vets comments before they appear . But you can go to their Facebook page and post comments. She used to work for Accountants Earnest & Young. Now she has set up a UK Charity business.

  • David Brown

    Hi Care4Calais article in todays Daily Mail in the owner lady
    said Lorry drivers can find another job if they do not like it. You can go to it and leave a comment and plug this blog. Comments are not being moderated .

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