June 2018
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Their big fat Greek lie

As our lying leaders shovel billions more of our money into the deep pockets of corrupt thieving Greek politicians and businessmen, they claim surprise at the scale of Greece’s financial problems. They are lying. When Greece joined the euro it was already heading towards bankruptcy. Only some extremely dubious book-cooking by the ever present Goldman Sachs made it look like Greece had met the terms of acceptance to the eurozone. Since then it’s been downhill all the way with the Greeks partying with money they never had.

Our leadders tell us that one day Greece will pay back all the supposed “loans”. This rubbish. In a couple of years our leaders will tell us that in the interests of European solidarity Greece’s debts should be written off. Our public services are being slashed so that tax-avoiding Greeks can continue to live a life of leisure at our expense. Greece is like a person earning 20,000 euros a year who has dets of 100,000 euros – utterly, totally and completely bankrupt. Our money is being stolen by our lying leaders so that they don’t have to admit that their project for a United States of Europe is failing aand so they can increase Brussels’ power over us all.

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