December 2023
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Away looking into a financial scam

I am away for a couple of days looking into what I believe is a financial scam ripping off thousands of vulnerable people.

Back on Friday 5 June

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  • Keen Reader

    Bon voyage and Good Luck. You do your readers a great service in exposing some of the appalling financial traps into which the naïve and trusting can so easily fall. I’ve pointed friends and family towards four of your books which I’ve purchased (Greed Unlimited, Don’t Buy It, The Great Charity Scandal, The Great European Rip-off, all instantly downloadable on Kindle or, presumably, any digital reading device)as stating reasons for being very wary indeed of whom you trust with your hard-earned dosh. For what it’s worth, I learned my personal lesson over a decade ago now, when the Equitable Life rip-off was exposed. I found myself one of the tens of thousands of previously self-employed people who had already handed over all their pension pots to Equitable in exchange for annuities, only to find that because the Lifeco had been cooking the books for years – with, apparently, tacit Treasury/Regulatory approval if not actual complicity – our incomes would forthwith be reduced annually. (So much for the generation of rich retirees who are stealing their grandchildrens’ futures!) As soon as one rip-off is exposed or one route to robbery closed down, another rip-off is devised or a diversion opened up.

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