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Don’t waste your money on the animal protection fat-cat pigs

I hope people enjoyed yesterday’s blog. When I started researching it, I had a feeling there was something rotten in the Government’s GDP figures. But I never realised how clearly the GDP/capita numbers would expose the Government’s “Britain is growing faster than other countries” lies.

Today, a brief blog – on charities.

I’ve been looking at the top bosses’ salaries at two animal protection charities – the RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Then I compared the bosses’ salaries at the RSPCA and SSPCA to salaries at three of our best-known international aid charities.

I tried to draw a chart showing my findings (click to see more clearly):

animal charity fatcats

Along the horizontal axis (x-axis) is a scale for the annual turnover of the charities in millions of pounds). On the vertical axis (y-axis) is a scale of CEO pay.

So, what does this show? The head of Oxfam is responsible for raising and spending about £368m a year and is paid around £109,000 a year. The boss of Christian Aid turns over about £95m a year and is paid £126,000 a year.

But what about the two animal protection charities? The head of the RSPCA is responsible for £96m a year, yet gets paid around £145,000 a year – about £20,000 more than the boss of Christian Aid and £36,000 a year more than the head of the much larger Oxfam.

However, the real lottery winner here seems to be the head of the tiny SSPCA. If I’ve understood the accounts correctly, this person is responsible for a titchy £13.8m a year, yet gets a salary of around £185,000 a year. This is beyond ridiculous, beyond a farce, beyond a joke – it’s more like robbery!

Or let’s look at this another way. The head of Oxfam responsible for over 5,000 staff gets £109,000 a year. The head of the RSPCA with 1,616 employees gets about £145,000 a year. And the winner is the head of the SSPCA who pockets around £185,000 but only has a mere 328 employees.

The head of the RSPCA is probably overpaid compared to the bosses of the big international aid charities. But the head of the tiddly SSPCA is getting showered with donors’ money way in excess of what he or she should be getting.

Conclusion – don’t waste your money on these two overpaid animal protection fat-cat pigs with their snouts in a trough full of our money.

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6 comments to Don’t waste your money on the animal protection fat-cat pigs

  • G C DEAN

    Spot on David…if people realised how these fat cat parasites milk the system they would give their money more wisely…maybe to local dispensaries.

    Good site this.


  • Amanda

    My experience of volunteering with Cats Protection was a horrendous one. The Regional Development Manager there allowed bullying and was taking over £30k plus a company car to allow tyranny and unprofessionalism within the branch whilst volunteers did the work. Any money given to the national side of an organisation such as this goes to pay these fat cats. The only plus is that they operate a non destruct policy, so your money doesn’t fund that.

  • Rip off merchants.Get rid of theservice lice

  • McCrackenRobert

    These people have no interest in the welfare of cats, they are a sick excuse of a charity, when you phone them they just do not want to know, their CEO gets 100k plus, I would like to know what interest they have in cats, or do they just see this as a good way to make money

  • Clare Tollerton

    This needs to be looked at by the government and the courts .for a start they can afford to buy their own card so the free company cars could save a hundred grand or so .who is responsible for governing how charities are run ?

  • Clare Tollerton

    Shame on these ceo letting hundreds possibly thousands of animals die needlessly ,so they can live the champagne lifestyle when they could live on nearly half of their salary .The decent thing they could do is resign if they are just in it for the money ,or prove they love these animals is to a quarter of their yearly salary!!!!

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