February 2023
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35 seems to be the ‘magic number’

I’m not the only idiot crying out in the wilderness about the fact that M*sl*ms could almost be in a majority in many European countries by the end of this century. But what’s an effective majority? 51%? Nope. It’s a lot lower than that.

There aren’t any *sl*mic political parties (yet) in Western Europe. Though there are many left-wing parties that can rely on the M*sl*m block vote. In countries with proportional representation, this gives the M*sl*m block vote huge power to choose a government friendly to its interests. But in the UK, where M*sl*ms will tend to be concentrated in certain areas and with our ‘first past the post’ system in each constituency, the M*sl*m vote is slightly less significant in the country as a whole.

But the M*sl*m takeover in Britain will not occur at national level. It will be in local councils. As Tower Hamlets has shown, once the M*sl*m population reaches say 35% or 36%, a number of things start to happen – firstly, there’s ‘white flight’ which increases the percentage of M*sl*ms; secondly non-M*sl*m candidates realise there’s no point standing for election as the M*sl*m block vote means they haven’t a chance, and thirdly, widespread voting fraud and intimidation ensure M*sl*m mayors and councils will be elected.

Of course, in many councils, M*sl*ms may not have an absolute majority. So there is the potential for the other councillors to band together to stop policies like a free-for-all on mosque building, finding spurious excuses to limit the number of outlets selling alcohol, *sl*mification of schools and colleges, practising ‘positive discrimination’ by handing all council contracts only to businesses run by M*sl*ms (councillors’ business cronies and companies run by councillors) and much more besides. But whereas Tory councillors might vote against such measures, Labour and LibDems will wave them through as they don’t want to appear bigotted or racist or anti-*sl*mic and, of course, they want to encourage inter-community harmony and mutual understanding. So, there never can be a united opposition to stop brazenly *sl*mist and even totally corrupt council policies.

Yup, 35% seems to be the magic number.

So, to repeat the diagram I used a couple of days ago:

muslims by local authority

and an awful lot of areas in Britain are approaching that magic number.

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