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First we’ll take Brussels, then we’ll take Amsterdam

Yesterday, I highlighted how about a third of Europe’s and the UK’s population could be M*sl*m by the end of this century.

But what could possibly be more interesting is to look at our major cities, where M*sl*ms tend to live, and see which ones will be majority M*sl*m and by when.

In the first group come Amsterdam, Stockholm and Brussels. Within 40 years, M*sl*ms will be close to a majority in these three cities (click to see more clearly)

population muslim vs non muslim EU cities

This assumes two things

1. That M*sl*m populations continue to increase at their current rate

There is evidence from other immigrant communities that birth rates fall after a couple of generations as they become more integrated and more women work. This would make my predictions meaningless. However, there is opposite evidence that in many cities M*sl*ms are not integrating and that around 95% of M*sl*m women don’t work. If this is the case, then my predictions are reasonably reliable. In Brussels, the top seven baby boys’ names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.

2. The indigenous population remains stable

I have assumed that the indigenous population will not change. It could also increase. But a more likely scenario is “white flight” – the indigenous population leaving cities. If this happens that would accelerate the achievement of M*sl*m majorities

By the end of this century, if my assumptions are correct, most European capitals will be majority M*sl*m. This has huge implications as M*sl*m majority city councils will be deciding things like education, development, healthcare and much more besides.

As for Britain, Tower Hamlets is, as far as I understand, already controlled by a M*sl*m mayor and majority M*sl*m council. As a result, we’ve had some heartwarming stories of new customs being brought to our country – reports of voter intimidation, accusations of massive voting fraud and large sums of public money being allegedly handed out to councillors’ business cronies.

Newham, Blackburn, Bradford and Luton will soon follow this glorious path to our bright new *sl*mic future. Then will come some London boroughs plus cities/towns like Slough, Birmingham, Leicester and so on:

muslims by local authority

As an ardent multi-culturalist, I welcome the *sl*mic takeover of our major cities and towns. However, there may be some old-fashioned Little Englanders who feel more than a smidgin of concern at the greatest change in British culture since the Norman invasion.

Something to ponder when thinking about your children’s and grandchildren’s future?

2 comments to First we’ll take Brussels, then we’ll take Amsterdam

  • NoMore

    Luckily our brave, patriotic leader also welcomes this.

    <q cite="It’s not enough, as I have said many times, for a party like the Conservatives just to open the door and say come on in if all you see are a sea of white Christian faces'.
    'The truth is if we are going to build that strong inclusive and vibrant society we need…… many more Muslim men and women at the top of British businesses , many more Muslim soldiers in the highest levels of command and of course more Muslims in our parliament so there is not just one Muslim in the cabinet and one in the shadow cabinet but British Muslims all across government in positions of leadership and authority." "
    David Cameron.

  • david brown

    In Bangladesh the average children per women is just over three but for those from there living in Tower Hamlets it just over six. The Western European Muslim population increase being funded by social welfare.
    As to the future the block Muslim vote in a number of European countries including our own can influence the outcome of an Election.

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