May 2024

Want to cut crime? Make Britain an *sl*mic state!

All kinds of experts, especially the deluded Man-made Global Warming cultists, like to use statistics and graphs to prove their point.

So, following their example, here’s my graph of the day. It shows crime rates in different countries along with the religions of those countries (click to see more clearly)

islam low crime

Well, there you have it. Crime rates in M*sl*m countries – earthly paradises like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey –  are extremely low. This must be definite statistical proof that *sl*mic countries have much lower crime rates than non-*sl*mic countries.

Britain isn’t included on the chart. But our crime rate is slightly above Germany and well below the USA. (Though, who really knows what Britain’s crime rate actually is as our police, in the interests of inter-community harmony, have a tendency to not register or investigate any crimes committed by M*sl*m men. M*sl*m women tend not to commit crimes, apart from benefits fraud and postal voting fraud, as they’re mostly locked up at home producing mini-Jihadi Johns)

So, if we really wanted to cut Britain’s crime rate, according to my chart we should become an *sl*mic state. I mean, that’s obvious, isn’t it?

Of course, cynics might argue that crime looks low in *sl*mic countries because of things like the police being utterly corrupt thus making the reporting of any crime a total waste of time and Sharia Law allowing husbands to beat their wives, requiring a raped woman to produce 4 or 5 independent witnesses and allowing slavery, rape and murder of non-M*sl*ms. Moreover, enlightened punishments like amputations, blinding, stonings, crucifixions, hangings and beheadings seem to be a more effective way to stop re-offending than the kind of short prison sentences criminals currently get in the UK.

Plus, although homosexuality is not (yet) a crime in the UK, hanging homosexuals or throwing them off high buildings and then stoning and burning their bodies is quite a powerful deterrent to potential Mandelsonians and tends to make the sex lives of practicing Mandelsonians somewhat shorter than they currently often are.

So, let’s not let a few trivial details get in the way of a wonderful way of cutting crime in Britain. After all, you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. Let’s make Britain an *sl*mic State:


 What’s not to like about that?

2 comments to Want to cut crime? Make Britain an *sl*mic state!

  • mike mines

    Or as we kuffirs say ‘cutting your nose off to spite your face’.

  • MGJ

    Truly they offer solutions to all sorts of issues.

    You’ve covered crime but I’m very confident they would put an end to multi-culturalism too. Discrimination against minorities would fall drastically as they’d all be dead. Electoral fraud would likewise become a thing of the past as would corruption among elected politicians. I also credit them with making me a far more tolerant individual as, compared with them, any other group in society I may once have had my doubts about, now seems positively benign.

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