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Footballer caught having sex with woman with mental age of 8!!! Police do nothing!!!

(my thanks to a reader for the story behind today’s blog)

Imagine the outcry. Imagine the uproar if a tabloid found that a footballer had been having sex with a woman with a mental age of eight. Imagine the lurid newspaper headlines and the condemnation of a culture of depravity and sex abuse within the footballing community. Imagine the howls of the social media, twitter-storm mob that this ‘sex pervert’ and ‘rapist’ should be chucked into jail and the keys thrown away. Imagine angry MPs asking furious questions in Parliament to get their names in the press. Imagine all the outraged ‘experts’ and ‘opinion-formers’ appearing in the media to denounce the ‘sex abuser’. Now imagine how much worse the public outcry would be if it was revealed that social workers and the police knew all along what was happening, but did nothing.

Well this did all happen. But there was no press uproar and no howling mob and no angry questions in Parliament. Why? Because the man involved wasn’t a footballer. He was actually a member of our wonderful M*sl*m community. Here’s the story:

I shall call her ‘Tia’. She has a husband ‘Mustapha’. We are not told by what means either of them came to be living in England, nor whether they are employed – though Tia patently can’t be, and I very much doubt, as you shall see, whether Mustapha could be either. They live in a two-bedroomed housing association flat in Tower Hamlets. They both originate from Bangladesh.

Despite the fact that they are first cousins, they married in 1999. This was also despite the fact that Tia has a mental age judged to be between 4 and 8 years old. Neither factor was a good omen for the genes, nor for the care of the ensuing children. As it proved, in the fullness of time – by 2010, Tia had given birth to four children. All four had to be taken into immediate care and were subsequently placed for adoption. The usual lengthy court cases and legal representation was legally aided.

Tia was not able to care for herself, never mind a child. Social Services found it necessary to install 24-hour, 7 day a week, 52 week a year care in that two-bedroomed flat for Tia. In order to provide 24 hour care, we are talking about a bare minimum of four full time employees on a rota, possibly more. Tia had no comprehension of the necessity to feed or wash herself, nor ‘how babies came to be in her tummy’.

Since the birth of her first child, Tia has been in the care of a clinical psychologist and an independent social worker, in addition to the rota of full time carers and the inevitable interpreters. They confess they ‘have made no progress with her’ – she neither speaks English nor takes any interest in other people, merely lying on a sofa watching Bangla TV during the day, attended by her carers.

The number of people crowding into this small apartment appears to have been curtailing Mustapha’s sex life. He arranged for Tia’s (and his) cousin Alia, to arrive from Bangladesh on the soon to be proved worthless assurance that she would be financially independent. She was initially refused an entry visa – but a legal challenge was mounted to this, and she moved into the crowded apartment as Mustapha’s ‘second wife’. Mustapha quickly impregnated Alia.

Alia has subsequently given birth to two more of Mustapha’s offspring. These children have not been taken into care, but are now living with their mother in council provided bed and breakfast accommodation. It would appear that Alia’s entry visa was obtained dishonestly and attempts have been made to deport her, each accompanied by a legally-aided defence. Since she is now the mother of two children belonging to a man legally resident in Britain, no doubt she will eventually win the right to remain and be supported physically and financially, as she cares for them.

With Alia parked up in a bed and breakfast, Mustapha turned his attention to his first wife once more.

‘No, no, no’, cried social services – ‘she’ll be pregnant again in five minutes. We’re supporting six of his children already’, and they very smartly moved the compliant Tia to a full time care facility and out of range of Mustapha’s nightly forays.

Thus began the latest legal battle – reported by the Independent as ‘Man banned from taking wife out of care facility to have sex with her’ (18 December 2014). As far as the Independent (and the Mirror) are concerned, this is merely a case of whether a man has the right to have sex with his wife. Neither paper has reported on the background to the case.

It is not – it is primarily concerned with whether Tia has ever had capacity to consent to sex, and whether it is a deprivation of her liberty to remove her from the family home and prevent her from returning. The judge concluded that ‘she hasn’t the capacity to consent to sex’ and ‘moving her from the family home isn’t a deprivation of liberty’.

(N.B When footballer Ched Evans was judged to have had sex with a woman who didn’t have the mental capacity to consent because she claimed she was too drunk, he was imprisoned for rape and and had his career ruined. When a M*sl*m man has sex with a woman who doesn’t have the mental capacity to consent, that’s ok with the authorities)

And then there is the cost to the taxpayer of these events.

We have two adults, possibly three if we include Mr Ouanq, fully supported by the taxpayer.

We have housing association accommodation subsidised by the tax payer.

We have six children, each fully supported in care by the taxpayer.

We have full time care via a rota of employees for Tia.

We have (I may have lost count here!) nine high court actions/family court/court of protection/immigration tribunals – each of which has been attended by a murmur of black-gowned legal experts including top flight QC s.

We have a range of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, case conference attendees, and assorted council employees.

Hopefully this little tale reveals just some of the hypocrisy of politicians and the media, whereby nobody dares criticise anything done by a M*sl*m because of the inevitable smears of being a “waaaacccciiiiissssstttttt!!!!!”
As for the M*sl*m gentleman, what will he now do for sex? Will he import more first cousins (mentally retarded or otherwise)? Or will he join a M*sl*m gang to gang-rape and gang-sodomise underage white girls? We don’t know. But one thing is certain – whatever he decides to do, he will get away with it because he’s a M*sl*m.

3 comments to Footballer caught having sex with woman with mental age of 8!!! Police do nothing!!!

  • Peter

    “Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1.400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings.”

  • NoMore

    Social Services need strong guidelines from a strong pro-native English Government – all the PC that seems risible is really doing untold damage to the social fabric of this country.

    M*s^ms need to be offended and often until they realise they would be much happier in one of their own countries – not by discriminating against them but simply by enforcing only the pre-invasion laws of our country and over-riding their exemptions, no more mosques, no full veiling, no family/breeding material from abroad allowed in and so on. The ones who aren’t offended are the ones who are more likely to integrate if any of them can.

    Leaving the EU is as always the first step to a brighter future for all. Nothing will happen till then.

  • Prof Jones the guy who does genetics programmes on the BBC has stated that Muslim inbreeding accounts for a third of UK birth defects.
    The also tend to have many more babies in Europe than they do in Muslim countries. Due of course to social security which is funding the Muslim demographic increase. The average babies for a Muslim women in Bangladesh is just above three in Tower Hamlets its over six.
    I used to live in Croydon and regardless of ethnic origin be they Black, White or Brown the Muslim women seem to have a lot of kids. Quite a lot of the women had that sort of inbreed look.
    Dis-ugenics in action.

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