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Will Israel still exist in 50 to 60 years?

The state of Israel was founded in May 1948. So it has existed for just 66 years. But will it survive for another 66 years?

If we think forward to what Britain will be like in 50 to 60 years, I imagine the most likely scenario is that the UK will no longer exist, Scotland and Wales will be independent countries and all of the former UK will just be an administrative unit of a massive EU superstate run by a corrupt, wasteful, self-serving, hereditary, unelected bureaucratic elite. Moreover, in most cities in the former Britain the majority will be immigrants and their children and many cities will be majority M*sl*m, while many ethnic Brits will have moved out of our ghetto cities to escape the foreign invasion. But at least out in the countryside there will still be signs of the former UK.

But what about Israelis? What will happen to their country in the next 50 to 60 years? Will it exist at all?

Here are just five reasons why I believe the state of Israel will have disappeared within this century:

1. Demographics – the population of Israel is around 8 million. This includes 6 million Jews, 1.7 million Arabs and about 300,000 others. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of supposed Jews are not really Jewish. They’re immigrants from the former Soviet Union and its satellite countries who claimed to be Jewish to escape communist repression. So they have no loyalty to a Jewish state.

Within 50 years there will 4 million Arabs. Soon it will not be long before Israeli Arabs outnumber Israeli Jews.

But, of course, the biggest threat comes from the Arabs in the countries surrounding Israel. In 1970, there were 128 million Arabs. Today this has risen to 366 million, by 2050 there will be about 600 million.

A few Arabs (those in the oil- and gas-rich Gulf States) will live well. But the vast majority will live in unemployed squalor due to their own backwardness, laziness and stupidity and the greed, venality and incompetence of their leaders. However, Arab leaders have managed an incredible achievement. Using their death-cult religion, they have managed to convince the ignorant masses that all their overcrowded, fetid, impoverished squalor is due only to the baleful existence of the supposed ‘Israeli Zionists’ inhabiting a tiny, insignificant strip of land.

Israel will soon be hated by close to 600 million enemies. If just one per cent of those people take up arms against Israel, the Jewish state is toast

2. It’s surrounded by its enemies – if you look at a map of the Arab world (countries in green) you can hardly see Israel. Any military leader looking at this map could only come to one conclusion. The tiny strip of land that is Israel cannot be defended. At some point it will be overwhelmed:

Israel survival

3. It’s a success – within a few decades, using hard work, ingenuity and ambition, the Israelis have turned their sliver of land in to an agricultural and industrial success story. They have been especially successful in pharmaceuticals, IT and military products (for obvious reasons). At the same time, most Arab countries have stagnated or even gone backwards consigning their people to an excrement-covered poverty. Israel shows that you don’t need oil and gas wealth to create a good life for your people. Israel shows what Arabs could have achieved if they weren’t so idle, stupid, ignorant, corrupt and medieval-minded. That’s why the Arabs loathe Israel. The Arabs want to portray themselves as victims so they can steal billions in foreign aid. But Israel shows the Arabs are only victims of their own indolence and worthlessness. All land that has been handed back to Arabs in return for peace has been quickly turned into infertile scrubland. If the Arabs can over-run Israel and reduce this one productive, fertile country to a medieval slum like most Arab countries, then the Arabs can once again portray themselves as victims. That’s just another reason they have to destroy Israel – the only beacon of hope in the whole blighted region.

4. Jewish flight – Many Israelis are beginning to see that their existence is under real threat. A recent survey found that 40% of Israeli Jews were considering emigration. This is just a trickle at the moment. But soon it will turn into a flood leaving insufficient resources to defend the country. A tipping point will be reached when there are fewer Jews in Israel than Arabs. Then we will see a terrified Exodus as the Arabs seize their chance and start butchering the remaining Israelis

5. Betrayal by the West – Jews are still hated in most of Western Europe. During WWII, Denmark was the only country that acted to save its Jews from the Germans. The French, Dutch, Belgians, Italians and others enthusiastically assisted the Germans in rounding up their Jews for extermination. As Europe becomes increasingly *sl*mified, its leaders will abandon Israel’s Jews to their fate in the hope that this will placate the Arab pressure within and outside their countries. They will hope that if they hand over the Jews to be slaughtered, that will quench the Arabs’ blood lust and Europe will be left in peace. They will be badly wrong. When the Israeli Jews have been wiped out, the Arabs will turn their hatred on Europe.

So, if you’re thinking of making any long-term property investments, I would humbly suggest that Israel is not the place to put your money.

Sadly Israel is probably doomed. It’s not a matter of ‘will the Jewish state be destroyed?’- it’s just a matter of ‘when?’.

15 comments to Will Israel still exist in 50 to 60 years?

  • alex

    If Israel goes she will take the Arab world with her.200 plus nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

  • Peter

    The Jewish Chronicle interviews Nigel Farage of UKIP

  • Harr

    The author obviously has not bothered to look at the Jewish situation outside of Israel. In France and many other parts of Europe the law is no longer able to protect Jews from attacks from Muslims and Jew-haters. South America is also seeing a resurgence of anti-Jewish sentimentality. In North America the Jewish community is still one of the most attacked communities in the continent. Other than Israel, which at least protects Jewish citizens, you are left with either frozen caps or Greenland. The Jews will live or die in their small nation and God help the rest of us who do not align ourselves with them instead of the killers waiting to pounce.

  • Israel can easily survive all those things except the (internal) demographic shift. It’s amazing how fertile Arab (muslim) women are when they are nothing more than baby making cattle with no rights. No country can survive having an internal population that has no loyalty (or open hostility) to the host country.

    I would also add:

    #6 A nuclear armed Iran
    #7 A nuclear armed middle east (to protect themselves from Iran).

    The natural perfidy of muslims will always make them incapable of working together to destroy Israel, and the implied threat of Israel’s (supposed) nukes could keep the Arab hordes at bay indefinitely, but once the middle east goes nuclear all bets are off.

  • Torben Snarup Hansen

    Quote: “The French, Dutch, Belgians, Italians and others enthusiastically assisted the Germans in rounding up their Jews for extermination.”

    Wrong. In Bulgaria, allied with Hitler’s Germany, 48.000 Jews were saved. In occupied Poland the number was 5.941. In Holland 4.726, in France 2.646. In Italy 23.000. When the Wehrmacht occupied Northern and Central Italy in 1943 Jews were saved, hidden in isolated villages. Visit Yad Vashen in Jerusalem for further information.

  • John Fields

    Mr Hansen, I have added a few more thousand to your figures for easy reckoning
    i.e., 100,000. As a percentage of 6,500,000 this is 1.54 per cent. So Mr. Craig is
    right, European countries did cooperate with the Germans, although in some countries
    maybe reluctantly.
    I think that Israel will survive, because her people think differently to other
    Western nations. When your uppermost thought is extinction then you base your
    planning and strategy accordingly. If the future problem is internal then the Jews must
    isolate themselves from all things that are Arab.

  • Tondaleia Sokolov

    Correction: Israel has existed for over 3000 years.

  • Israel will prevail! Read The Scripture! Prophecies are unfolding before our eyes!

    “For look, in those days and at that time, when I turn back the captivity of Yehudah and Yerushalayim, then I shall gather all gentiles, and bring them down to the Valley of Yehoshaphat. And I shall enter into judgment with them there for My people, My inheritance Yisra’el, whom they have scattered among the gentiles, and they have divided up My land.
    (Yoel 3:1-2 The Scriptures 1998+)

    See, a day shall come for YHWH, and your spoil shall be divided in your midst. And I shall gather all the gentiles to battle against Yerushalayim. And the city shall be taken, the houses plundered, and the women ravished. Half of the city shall go into exile, but the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the city. And YHWH shall go forth, and He shall fight against those gentiles, as He fights in the day of battle.
    (Zeḵaryah 14:1-3 The Scriptures 1998+)

    O Elohim, do not remain silent! Do not be speechless, And do not be still, O El! For look, Your enemies make an uproar, And those hating You have lifted up their head. They craftily plot against Your people, And conspire against Your treasured ones. They have said, “Come, And let us wipe them out as a nation, And let the name of Yisra’el be remembered no more.”
    (Tehillim 83:1-4 The Scriptures 1998+)

  • Ayattollahowmany

    The Samson Option.

    Who would blame Israel if, faced with imminent extinction she unleashed
    thermonuclear annihilation? Arabs/muslims cry foul when reminded of this,
    commensurate with their victimhood and taqiyya…

    I’ll bet Israel has targeted strategic islamic targets for years. Primarily Iran, so we
    must hope the Iranian people [who I believe want freedom for their islamic paradise]
    can somehow rise and defeat the theocracy in Teheran.

    This should be the foremost aim of western strategic policy, IMO.

  • john israel

    this is stupid and yall are a bench of ignorant ppl ..truth will revail

  • Greg

    Personally, I see no long-term future for the muslims outside of their own homelands. Who really thinks that the leftie-leaning apologists in the Uk, Usa, Australia, France or any of a score of other civilised countries can keeping making excuses for muslim barbarity as it is practised in some form or other, on a weekly basis? The peoples of Europe have already had enough, anti-islamic feeling is running high, and whilst Right-wing parties may be no friend of Jewish people, its the muslims who are going to get to feel Very uncomfortable indeed in the coming years….

  • Kfir

    “Israel is no more, her seed is scattered.”

    Egyptian Stele, circa 3200 BCE

  • Mo Hobeyl

    I agree with the five reasons why “israel” will disappear in the future. I would add another reason that is natural. The ME region has always been a changing and instable area throughout the ages since long before the Roman empire existed.

    Taking into consideration all these factors existing now and how they will develop in the near future , I reckon “israel” will no longer exist on the surface of the earth by 2027 latest.But its disparition may cause the death of near to 50-60 millions of Arabs. Therefore , I think the jews – espcially the settlers-zionists should start leaving now while the doing is good. This will happen for sure if no satisfactory peace agreement is reached soon.

  • David, Thailand

    Well articulated. Since before 911 I have predicted that Israel will not celebrate her centenary as a Jewish state.

    Quite aside from the points covered in the article, Western civilisation, with all its treaties, conventions, charters and other humanitarian gestures, has made no provision for and therefore has no effective defence against a savage, evil and dysfunctional religion based on utter rejection of not just man made laws but plain and simple decency.

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