December 2023
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Islamo-Dave just loves the Religion of Peace

Our spineless PM may u-turn and change direction depending on which way the wind blows or rather, depending on whatever UKIP does. But there is one area where he has been totally consistent – his adoration of the Religion of Peace:

Here are just a few of Islamo-Dave’s pronouncements:

“There is nothing in *sl*m that justifies acts of terror” PM David Cameron reacting to the beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby by two *sl*mists who shouted “Allahu Akbar” and quoted 22 verses from the Koran.

“They don’t represent *sl*m or M*sl*ms in Britain or anywhere else in the world” PM David Cameron’s reaction to the massacre by *sl*mists in Nairobi’s Westgate shopping centre of anyone who failed to name the mother of the founder of *sl*m or recite verses from the Koran.

“*sl*mic State has nothing to do with the great religion of *sl*m, a religion of peace” David Cameron, denying any connection between the creation of an *sl*mic caliphate and *sl*m.

“[The massacre in Pakistan] is nothing to do with one of the world’s great religions – *sl*m, which is a religion of peace” PM David Cameron speaking after a group of Taliban gunmen murdered 141, including 132 children at a school in northern Pakistan.

As for one of the greatest threats to the British way of life (or what’s left of it) – the possible admission of Turkey’s 80 million M*sl*ms into the EU – Cameron has said he “strongly supports” this and has hit out at those who ‘wilfully misunderstand *sl*m’ in order to oppose Turkey’s membership. He said: “They see no difference between real *sl*m and the distorted version of the extremists. They think the values of *sl*m can never be compatible with the values of other religions, societies or cultures. All these arguments are just plain wrong. I want us to be at the forefront of an international effort to defeat them”


And, of course, Dave has said that he would like the UK to have a M*sl*m prime minister at some point in the future.

At the next election, the Tories will try to claim that ‘a vote for UKIP is a vote for Miliband’. But one thing we can be sure of is that a vote for Dodgy Dave is a vote for the *sl*mification of Britain.

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9 comments to Islamo-Dave just loves the Religion of Peace

  • Cameron under false pretext helped overthrow the Secular regime in Libya , Then under another false pretext he wanted to use RAF firepower to aid those trying to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.
    If he had succeded ISIS would now be in control of Syria. Was this faulty intelligence or was it in fact Camerons intention to have ISIS control Syria?

  • Chris

    Cameron, like Obama, is a poodle for the real powers behind the scenes. He falsely reassures us on immigration, mohammedans, Syria, Ukraine yet tries to scare us about trorism. Why? I suggest that his masters want war to aggrandise and steal resources. TO keep us quiet they need fear at home.
    That way we will not object to blatant violence perpetrated (apparently) in our name against Afganistan, Syria, Libya and the Russians in Ukraine. After Syria has been bombed into oblivion the next target will be Russia. For months the propagandist press has been printing anti Putin rhetoric. What happened to perestroika? in a word, oil. Russia has lots and the recent so called sanctions are just economic war. The Russian people are the target so that if they are impoverished they will cause a violent revolution. Witness the fascists who have taken over Kiev. If you want to know who are the real trorists investigate why WTC 7 apparently demolished itself.

  • NoMore

    It’s only a matter of time before the kind of atrocities that occur seemingly daily in Pakistan are perpetrated on our shores too. We’ll see how long Dhimmi Dave lasts in office then if, God forbid, he is still there in May.

  • Concerned

    We should really start protesting the islamisation of our country like the Germans are presently doing

  • Keen Reader

    Cameron and his cronies (and that includes almost all Westminster politicians of the three main Parties)should get out and about more, as I have done, into the areas of our towns, and indeed entire English towns, where Islam has already taken over. They should experience walking down a High Street where every woman wears a veil and many are clad from top to toe in black, peering out at the world through a letter box and where not a word of English is to be heard.(One gives these black-clad monstrosities the benefit of the doubt in assigning them to the female of the species, bent solely upon pacific activities, but of course since we see nothing other than their eyes, and those only with difficulty, they could equally be bomb-carrying terrorists of either gender.) Politicians who all manage to secure places for their children at the best schools the State can provide, or who choose to pay for private education, should find out what it’s like when the only place available for your five year old English child, raised at least nominally in the Christian faith, is in a school where 90% of its schoolfellows will be Muslims and where little girls are inhibited from fully enjoying the playground equipment because they are hampered by long skirts and veils over their heads and around their necks. (‘Elf ‘n Safety, where are you now, when these little girls try to ascend the climbing frame or turn somersaults over the bars?) The politicians should seek out, quietly and without a media storm of attention, the ordinary English men and women in such areas and ask how THEY feel about what’s happened in our country. They might then be better qualified to act and speak on our behalf. As for the woolly, lefty broadcast media, well do I recall the jubilation with which reporters – some of whom, household names, should have had more sense – heralded in the so-called “Arab Spring” a few years ago. Now look where it’s got the world! Egypt fallen apart, its ancient treasures incidentally now under threat, Libya in bloody chaos, Syria ditto, Iraq, having been destroyed a decade ago, now erupting again, Afghanistan doubtless on the downward slide to a full-blown resurgence of the Taliban. (Not that one can blame the Arab Spring for that – it was always a hopeless cause and an inexcusable waste of UK soldiers’ lives.) Now we hear the inevitable clamour for the UK to open its doors to refugees from this Islam-nourished bloodbath which our politicians supported by implication if not actually overtly. The only country in the world which stands up to the Islamic threat effectively is Israel; they know only too well what they are up against and they have the guts to act effectively. Islamic countries are ungovernable other than by the strong arm of such as Mubarak, Assad, Gadhafi, even Sadam Hussein. Abhorrent as the latter two undoubtedly were, their present alternative is without doubt worse. Adherents of the Religion of Peace just do not comprehend the notion of extending the right to a peaceful existence to non-adherents. Only Might is Right in their philosophy.

  • MGJ

    Political correctness has completely displaced morality in politics and most of the media. It is an extraordinary achievement.

    We have a PM, no less, who’s feelings of cognitive dissonance oblige him to shrug off acts of terrorism whose depravity was formerly – literally – unthinkable; who suggests that anybody raising an eyebrow about the enslavement, rape, mutilation or honour killing of women is a racist; and decriminalises demands for the summary murder of gays and apostates or public demands for acts of terrorism.

    As I say, quite an achievement.

  • Peter

    Before the last general election I had always voted Tory. Then about six weeks before the general election there was a photograph in the Telegraph of Cameron traveling to Westminster on the train he was reading the Guardian newspaper ,that newspaper that is dedicated to destroy the capitalist system. No self respecting Tory would read that newspaper especially in public. Not long after that he started spouting that nonsense about the Big Society. Consequently I did not vote Tory

  • MGJ

    Hi Peter,
    DC seems to be positioning himself for a nice little earner once he retires, not just reading the Grauniad but writing for it.

  • Brillo

    The Japs do not allow them into their country, what sensible folks they are. We are currently sleepwalking into civil war, it’s just a matter of time before it takes place. LilabCon turned their back on the indigenous population years ago and continue to do so. UKIP is our only option if we want to avoid the situation getting so bad we end up with a Fascist government with all that entails.

    Merry Xmas, oh sorry it’s probably politically incorrect to make such statements.

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