May 2021
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Why only 24 of our 646 £200,000 a year MPs are honest

Laughably about 300 of our thieving MPs have just signed a complaint claiming that the way their expenses are being scrutinised “casts aspersions on their integrity”, What integrity, most people would probably ask. The huge majority of our MPs are lying, thieving, self-serving, arrogant scum. How do I know? Well, just before the expenses scandal broke, a Tory MP David MacLean put forward a bill which would have exempted MPs expenses from the Freedom of Information Act and so would have allowed MPs to keep their thieving secret. Of our 646 MPs only about 24 opposed MacLean’s bill, the other 622 were more than happy to have details of their expenses kept secret.

One other small point, on their £65,000 a year, our greedy MPs claim they are not paid enough for their “difficult job”. Lies, lies and more lies. For a start they all get £90,000 a year to pay for staff – many give at least £30,000 to a family member. Then they get such generous pensions, that you or I would have to put over £50,000 a year into our pensions savings to get a similar pension to our MPs. Then most have so little to do that they can easily earn £50,000 to £100,000 a year working for companies that want government contracts. Plus they have a large chunk of expenses where they don’t need to show any receipts. Most of our lying scum MPs are actually pocketing around £200,000 a year or more – not bad for less than 8 months ‘work’ a year.

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