May 2024

We’re winning in Afghanistan! Hooray!

Of course, we’re not. Yet every year for the last 10 years our lying political leaders claim we’re just about to defeat the Taliban. This war has now gone on for longer than the First and Second World Wars put together. And what progress has been made? None. So, some unpleasant truths. 1. Our soldiers are being killed by Afghan freedom fighters (not the Taliban) trying to throw an invading army out of their country. 2. Our troops are dying and being injured to support a totally corrupt puppet government loathed by most Afghans. 3. Most of the billions we pour into Afghanistan are being stolen by Karzai and his mates and moved into their bank accounts in Switzerland and Dubai. 4. In spite of their crocodile tears, Cameron, Miliband, Fox and the rest of our politicians don’t give a damn about how many soldiers get killed and maimed – all they’re interested in is keeping their jobs and filling their pockets with as much of our money as they can.

A pointless war and a waste of money and life. But to pull out would mean our greedy, lying, thieving politicians would lose face. They’d rather a few hundred more soldiers got killed and maimed than our leaders having to admit that we should have pulled out 9 years ago after the Taliban were thrown out and left the Afghans to sort themselves out.

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