June 2018
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Osborne, you prat – here’s how to create jobs

As the jolly chums leading our country wonder how to save Britain from the ruin caused by Gordon Sociopath Brown, there is actually a very easy way to create tens of thousands of jobs – abolish corporation tax. Corporation tax only collects about £45bn a year, around 8% of government revenue. If it was completely abolished and replaced by witholding £45bn of the VAT companies reclaim plus putting a transaction tax on banks instead of taxing their profits, then something very important would happen. While government revenues stayed the same, hundreds of companies would move their head offices to Britain creating tens of thousands of well-paid jobs and bringing billions more into the British economy. Of course, our European competitors such as France and Germany would rant and rave about unfair tax competition, but sod them, we need a government that acts in the interests of Britain instead of letting itself be constantly buggered by our EU ‘friends’.

As a popular ad would say – it’s simples”. Zero corporation tax = tens of thousands of jobs and billions more in taxes. Only an idiot could fail to understand the extraordinary economic growth this would bring. However, we are only governed by idiots, so expect Britain to continue its easily avoidable decline.

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