June 2018
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Ed Miliband – you really are a lying pissbag

Labour’s strange leader Ed Miliband claims that the next generation will have worse lives than their parents. Well done Ed, you’ve said something that’s actually true – almost a first for a British politician. Yes, our children will grow up accumulating massive debts which will prevent them getting a decent education, having their own home and saving up for their retirement. Whereas you, Ed, will live like a millionaire for the rest of your life thanks to the enforced generosity of the British taxpayer.

Ed the Idiot blames the coalition government’s cuts for impoverishing the next generation. Sorry, Ed you lying pissbag. The reason the next generation will be facing a life of debt is because you and your hero Gordon Brown and your bulging-eyed mate Ed Balls hugely increased borrowing during a time of economic growth when you should have been paying down the national debt. Ed, you lying pissbag, how cynical are you? You must know that it was Gordon ‘buffoon’ Brown who wrecked the country with your help. How can you lie and lie and lie? Is getting the chance to pocket millions of our money for yourself really worth prostituting yourself in the way that you do, you lying pissbag?

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