May 2011
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We’re free! Yipee! Let’s kill some christians!

For months the politically correct BBC and other journalists have been telling us that the so-called “Arab Spring” will bring democracy and freedom and tolerance to the Middle East. When Saddam Hussein was toppled, the Iraqis set about killing each other. Now the Egyptians have got rid of Mubarak, do they try building a new […]

How I almost saved British taxpayers £45 billion

In 2006, just as Fred Goodwin was building his reputation as a great banker, I reported him to the Serious Fraud Office and the Bank of England. I was passing on information I had received which pointed to Goodwin possibly being responsible for defrauding the creditors of the failed BCCI of more than £50 million. […]

Lucky it wasn’t the useless Brits that found Bin Laden

Fortunately it was the US and not the useless Brits who found Bin Laden. If it had been British forces, then because of Human Rights and Health & Safety legislation, we’d probably have brought Bin Laden, all his wives and spawn to London, put them up in a large house in Kensington, given them police […]

Lying, corrupt Pakistanis were playing both sides

Now we find that Pakistan under the leadership of its corrupt president, Mr. Ten Percent, was playing both sides in the supposed ‘war on terror’. On the one hand, Mr Ten Percent and his cronies were getting billions from the West ostensibly to fight terrorism. On the other hand, came billions more from the Saudis […]

Islam is a religion of peace, isn’t it?!?!

As Obama zaps Osama, I wanted to write about how Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace. But then I remembered that in Indonesia and Nigeria, muslims often fight christians. In Thailand, muslims are at war with the buddhists. In India/Pakistan, muslims have problems getting along with hindus. In the Middle East most muslims […]