February 2024
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Could you please send this letter to the Staffordshire chief constable demanding prosecutions of David Nicholson, Cynthia Bower and Martin Yeates

I’d be grateful if you could print out the letter below, stick in your address and send it to the Staffordshire Chief Constable asking for investigations and prosecutions for Corporate Manslaughter of three people. They are Martin Yeates (former chief executive of the Mid-Staffordshire hospital where  around 1,200 patients died due to poor care), Cynthia Bower (head of the strategic health authority at the time of the disaster) and Sir David Nicholson (overall responsibility for the hospital).

Of course, I realise that some of the Stafford police bosses and hospital supremos are probably members of the same masonic lodge. And I realise that the government has probably told the police to stay well away from the healthcare scandal as incompetent, negligent, public-sector chiefs are never punished and are usually promoted out of trouble and given massive pay-offs to keep them quiet. But I have a feeling that if several members of the public report a suspected crime, then the police are obliged to at least give the impression they are investigating.

Thanks for your help

Mike Cunningham
Chief Constable
Staffordshire Police Headquarters
PO Box 3167
ST16 9JZ

Dear Mr Cunningham

Following the appalling series of unnecessary deaths at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust, I am writing to request that the police proceed with investigations and prosecutions of Martin Yeates, Cynthia Bower and Sir David Nicholson for Corporate Manslaughter.

I look forward to your confirmation that you are taking action and the case number you are giving your investigations and subsequent prosecutions.



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