March 2023
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Britain’s eco-idiots will ruin us all – how the Chinese must be laughing

After  the Doha talks, the LibDem energy buffoon has signed Britain up to reducing our energy use while our competitors in China, India and elsewhere can pollute as much as they like. As our ever “greener” energy costs ever more and wrecks British business destroying British jobs, how the Chinese must be laughing at our economic suicide. I’ll leave it to some Telegraph readers (clearly more intelligent than our politicians) to express most people’s rage and disbelief at the stupidity of our leaders. But with their big salaries, unlimited expenses and massive pensions, our politicians couldn’t give a damn if ordinary people lose their jobs.

Here are a few of my favourite readers’ comments:

“They are killing British business and British pensioners.”

“Davey should pay it out of his own pocket, and see if those who support this folly have the strength of conviction to chip in.”

“Why does Britain always have to lead the way when it comes to crap and stupidity?”

 ‘He believes the uk should lead the way’ Boll*x mr Davey,Boll*x

“If just one person dies because of the increase in energy bills forced by this inexcusable nonsense, the likes of Ed Davey will be responsible for that death and should be made to answer for it.”

“When will Europe wake up and realize how much these people make off of this fake global warming stuff? It has been debunked and proven to have stopped warming 14 years ago.
It is a major racket and Gore has made over $100 million from it when he was one of the biggest carbon footprint abusers out there.”

“Well I hope these idiots Davey and Stern are going to pay for it out of their own pockets, because I sure as hell won’t!”

“When will these stupid cretins realise that Britain is already on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to the gross incompetence of Brown, Blair and nu labour and that it is total insanity to borrow even more to fund insane projects like this, while all the biggest polluters in the world fail to do so!”

“Britain will never,ever have any competitive industry as long as these fools of politicians continue to be obsessed with ‘green energy’, especially wind farms that are the most inefficient anyway, and thus force the highest energy costs on UK consumers. Davey must be sacked immediate and this stupidity voted down by Parliament before it’s too late!”

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