April 2024

Does liar Cameron really give a toss about winning the next election?

Day after day after day, journalists in the main newspapers make a very good living (£1 or more a word) writing about whether Cameron can win the next election and what he needs to do to win the next election and so forth ad nauseam. But does liar Cameron really give a toss? Or is it all just a well-paid game which keeps gullible readers believing they are “informed”?

Let’s look at it from Cameron’s point of view. He’s a multimillionaire who has never done a stroke of real work in his life. He fancied being PM because he thought he’d be “quite good at it”. As there wasn’t a single Tory MP with the intelligence or leadership skills to oppose him (David Davies is considered by many to be barking mad), Cameron eased into leading the party. He couldn’t even win an election against the appalling, incompetent, financially-incontinent liar Brown. As PM, Cameron has been such a spineless failure that people are seriously considering Boris the Buffoon to replace him.

Then there’s the money. He’s already rich. When he leaves Number 10, he can claim £115,000 a year taxfree for the rest of his life. Plus he’ll probably go to the Lords – that’s another £50,000 taxfree we”ll have to give him every year. Then there are all the City directorships he’ll be given for handing over so much of our taxes to the banks – say another £500,000 a year.

If liar Cameron really wanted to win the next election, he’d have replaced his work-experience, part-time, incompetent chancellor Osborne with somebody competent and he’d have fired the repulsive Andrew Mitchell. Instead he’s protected his chums, he’s made 117 of his cronies and best mates into Lords, he’s helped MPs steal ever more of our money by threatening to abolish the largely toothless IPSA and he’s protected our thieving banks from public anger and effective regulation.

Maybe being PM has just been a bit of a laugh for Cameron: something to do for a few years: a stepping stone to even greater wealth.

In fact, if you ever visit Parliament and attend for example a session of the Public Accounts Committee, you’ll see that all our politicians and journalists are just playing a well-paid game, pretending to be fighting for their policies when all they’re doing is stuffing their own pockets with our money and using their positions to further enrich themselves and boost their own egos.

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