July 2024

Jack Straw: Ed Balls: Angela Knight – human garbage?

The (in my opinion) slimey, careerist, self-serving, political opportunist Jack Straw is busy promoting his memoirs. He now reveals that he always thought Gordon Brown would make a dreadful PM. But, in spite of what he knew about Brown, Straw ran Brown’s campaign to become PM. Greater love hath no man for himself than he will lay down his country for his own career.

I suppose you have to admire Ed Balls. Few people could keep a straight face doing what he’s doing. After having helped the worthless liar Brown bankrupt Britain by wasting about £1.5trn of our money, Balls is trying to present himself as being financially responsible. Perhaps he’ll have his fingers crossed behind his back when he gives his conference speech?

The (in my opinion) truly repulsive, bejeweled creature Angela Knight spent years lucratively defending lying, thieving bankers against any criticism. We have now found out that almost everything she said could appear (to someone like me) to be a bunch of lies. Now this person has moved on to a new job, defending rip-off energy companies against justified criticism that they are fleecing their British customers. But the facts (see diagram) show we are being well and truly screwed. About half our energy companies are foreign-owned and see Britain as a goldmine as they are tightly regulated in their home countries. But the useless Ofgem lets them make massive profits here that they aren’t allowed to make in their countries of origin.

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