July 2024

Religious tolerance: French discover women have breasts: More pointless slaughter in Afghanistan

I would like to write about what is probably one of the most important issues facing us – how the West can live in peace with countries which follow a certain religion (which I dare not mention) when the aforementioned religion has not undergone an Enlightenment. But I want to be alive next week, so dare not write anything.

Instead, I’ll mention a total non-story – apparently the French have just discovered that women have breasts. Not only that, but the garlic-smelling, cheese-eating, arrogant, selfish, pompous surrender monkeys have also found out that female members of the British royal family have breasts. This is apparently causing utter consternation in France. Yet British Sun readers have known for years that women have breasts.

I’m not sure why it took so long for the French to make this discovery. Partly it may be due to the fact that so many of them are Mandelsonians. I don’ t like to show off, but I have known for many years that women have breasts. Nevertheless, I find the intrusion into the royal couple’s private lives despicable beyong contempt and would like to see the British press despatch an army of paparazzi to hound the publishers of the photos and take revealing private photos of them. Then this garbage wouldn’t be quite so smug.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the corrupt, drug-dealing puppet government continues to steal billions of our money while British troops get slaughtered for nothing. It’s a pity none of our greedy, self-serving, expenses-thieving politicians and our incompetent, overpaid, over-pensioned military leaders have the courage to stop the Afghanistan farce.

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