July 2024

Hillsborough, Heysel – drunken, thuggish Liverpool fans not responsible for anything

It’s odd that the one common factor with two of the worst disasters in football – Heysel and Hillsborough – is that Liverpool fans were involved. On 29 May 1985, 39 Juventus fans died when they were attacked by a bunch of drunken, thuggish Liverpool fans at the Heysel Stadium. This led to a 5-year ban from European competitions for English clubs and a 6-year ban for Liverpool.

At Hillsborough, over 90 people died when fighting broke out between football fans. I’m quite sure that the situation was made worse by poor stadium design and an incompetent police response and I’d believe that the police tried to cover up their failings. But if drunken, thuggish Liverpool fans hadn’t got involved in fighting at both Hillsborough and Heysel, then there wouldn’t have been any problems.

The self-righteous bleating and complaints by relatives of those who died at Hillsborough and, no doubt, their coming claims of massive compensation to be paid by taxpayers are sickening in their hypocrisy. I once went to a match at Liverpool. The experience was so frightening that I vowed never to go to another football match and never to take my children to one.

So, as the relatives of the Hillsborough victims try to empty our pockets to fill their own, please ask yourself – how can it be that Liverpool fans were at the centre of two of the worst disasters in football if all Liverpool fans are sober, calm, sensible and always innocent of everything?

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