June 2024

Scale of multimillionaire Coe’s Olympic disaster becoming clearer: does Mr Coe pay tax?: drugs wonderful drugs

The Olympics. Budget £2.4bn – spent over £9bn. Plan – London to be flooded with big-spending tourists:  actually London deserted with shops and hotels suffering as people shun the city during the Olympics (as they have shunned every city that has held the Olympics). Plan – Britain to come fourth in medal table: actually Britain 20th so far. Plan – Olympics to give Britain a much-needed economic boost: actually Olympics have been an economic disaster.

Plan – Mr Coe and other olympocrats to take lots of our money in salaries, expenses and undeserved bonuses and become very very rich indeed: actually this has happened. So, one part of Mr Coe’s great plan did work – he and his mates pocketed huge amounts of our money while fooling the rest of us with their Olympics ‘scam’.

By the way, I wonder if all the money Mr Coe and his mates are taking is being declared as income and taxed as income? Or is it being paid into companies owned by Coe and the other olympocrats so they avoid income tax? Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

As for whether the ‘miracle’ Chinese swimmer takes drugs. Firstly, the Chinese are too smart to get caught and secondly, even if she does take performance-enhancing drugs, the Chinese have such power over the utterly corrupt IOC, that we’d never find out anyway. I’d also like to become better at sport, so to quote from When Harry Met Sally – “I’ll have what she’s having”

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