June 2024

Party time in Syria: Olympic farce: Don’t get fooled by new ‘HSBC’ M&S bank

It looks like the party in Syria is really getting going. But please, Messrs Hague and Cameron, this is a party to which we have not been invited. By all means sell weapons to the Syrian rebels to preserve British jobs, but for God’s sake keep British troops out of this mess. We have not been invited to this war. It’s not our problem.

Multimillionaire Olympian Mr Coe is stuggling to keep his get rich scheme on the rails. First we have the G4S shambles; then he withdraws 500,000 tickets from sale and closes off parts of the stadiums to make it look as if they’re full. The whole thing will be a farce and a washout that should have cost us £2.4bn but will cost about £9bn. No doubt Mr Coe and the other olympocrats will also get paid massive bonuses for ripping off British taxpayers. Everybody aboard the Olympics gravy train.

Lots of publicity for M&S as they launch their own bank in some of their stores. M&S explain that customers who are angry with traditional banks can move their accounts to M&S. But don’t get fooled by the hype. The people behind the supposedly ‘new’ M&S bank are the widely loathed, recidivist mis-selling, money laundering, rate-fixing scumbags at HSBC. Having realised that their own brand has become toxic, HSBC have got into bed with one of Britain’s most trusted brands, M&S, in the hope that customers will be so stupid that they’ll not notice how the reviled HSBC are hiding behind the M&S brand. So don’t get fooled by HSBC’s latest scam. Don’t bank with HSBC/M&S.

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