February 2024
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Didn’t Blair break the Ministerial Code when he lied about Iraq?

The useless Ed Miliband, aided and abetted by the repulsive Bercow, is trying to get all worked up about Jeremy Hunt supposedly breaking the Ministerial Code by being well and truly in bed with the Murdochs. So what if he was? All our politicians have been grovelling to Murdoch and doing his bidding for years. None more so than Labour. However, we don’t hear Labour ever mention a really serious breach of the Ministerial Code – when Blair lied to Parliament over Iraq’s fictitious weapons of mass destruction which could be launched “in 45 minutes”. Or what about Blair selling peerages? Or what about when the ghastly former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed a small bedroom in her sister’s home was her main residence? Or when Alistair Darling flipped his home four times to get higher expenses? Or When Gordon Brown refurbished his London flat at our expense by splitting the cost over two years so he could claim much more than he should have?

We repeatedly hear political journalists claiming things like ‘most MPs are honest and hard-working’. This is rubbish. They are almost all self-serving, pompous, lazy, greedy liars, cowards and thieves. Ed Miliband’s attack of self-righteousness makes him look a fool. However, Miliband will probably (in spite of his uselessness) be our next PM because Cameron has turned out to be (in my humble opinion) a shallow, arrogant, dishonest, incompetent, lying, corrupt, worthless waste of skin. God help us!

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